High grade dyskosis (moderate)


I am really upset and panicking. I had a normal smear at 25, I'm now 28 and have just recieved a high grade (moderate) result. I had my smear on June 30th and got my results July 24th and booked in for a colposcopy and loop Aug 3rd this time frame really worries me as it all seems so fast. I am petrified I will have the colposcopy and they will find full blown cancer. I occasionally get random bleeding as I'm on cerazette But the last time I bled was in Feb. Would bleeding for cervical cancer be more frequent? I am so scared and can't eat or sleep!


I am so sorry you feel like this. It is good that you are getting appointments quickly because the waiting can be torture. Please stay away from google - it won't make you feel any better.

It is unlikely to be anything too serious and most people are fine after the initial treatment for the abnormal cells. 

Hi my daughter had her results today showing the same abnormalities as you she is terrified x 

It is utterly petrifying! My brain literally can't compute what is going on and my logical brain has been over taken by the worst case scenario. However, I have been assured that although the procedure is not very pleasant this letter does not mean that we have cancer and it's best to know about pre cancerous cells so they can be treated. Keep calling and see if your daughter can get a cancellation to be seen earlier. I'll let you know how my treatment goes but if there is anyone else out there who got moderate high dyskaryosis and would like to tell their story I'd be interested to hear. 



Hi Lotty,

I had excatly the same diagnosis and same timeframe as you and had LLETZ on thursday so now 2-4 week wait for results. I am not even thinking anything - just won't let bad thoughts enter my head. My treatments were so fast and all I could think about that was how amazing our NH service is. Don't panic. You're young and in good hands. Go eat some cake Innocent  I had to work today so now am laid on the sofa eating chocolate and reading a book. Take care x

Thank you for the advice :) I'm trying to relax but I really can't. Did they say anything to you about your abnormal cells at your treatment? 



Ladies my first smear test came back as severeve cin3 and hpv positive and I had the loop treatment to remove all the cells. Not much is said on the day but your results shouldnt  too long to come through and then you'll know more. The chances of the cells being resolved is really high so keep your chin up and hopefully everything will come back fine. I'm now 30 and all of my smears have come back as normal since however have had bad symptoms since I had my little girl 14 weeks ago and am currently waiting for my urgent 2 week appointment to the cancer specialists which is on Wednesday so I'll let you know how it goes. They have found cervical polyps so these will need to be removed anyway but we'll just have to wait and see about everything else. I have to admit the urgent cancer referral makes me nervous and worried but at least it's happening quickly so if there are any issues then they can be dealt with quickly x