High Grade Dyskorysis

Hello, I’ve just had a letter from my Doctors saying I have severe Dyskorysis :frowning: my heart sank. i already suffer from various ailments for someone who’s 33 (34 next week eeekk!!) I don’t know if it matters but I have PCOS and thyroid problems. My colposony is booked for Christmas Eve of all days. I have rang them and begged to be brought forwards but they said they are fully booked. Anyway, like most of us I told myself to not google it - I lasted about an hour. What I read made my stress levels rocket and made me very anxious. I just can’t think anything beyond this. I’ve not slept properly for days and now I’ve got a bad migraine with all the stress. To top it off, I think I’m getting shingles again :-(( should I really be this bad panicking???

Also, does anyone know why they don’t test you for HPV virus when you have high grade results?

Hi Bella


Firstly I will say I know exactly how you feel I'm at that point right now I too Googled and I have got myself into a right panic haven't slept well nor eaten well I've lost loads of weight due to the stress 

What I will say is try and stay of Google it makes things so much worst trust me

Sending big hugs x

I am in exactly the same boat here. My colposcopy is tomorrow and I feel physically sick at the thought of it. i keep telling myself it will be fine but it's hard to believe it and think of anything else. Like you both I'm struggling to eat or sleep and feel constantly on edge. Sending big hugs. xx

The don't test for HPV with high grade changes because it is obvious that HPV is present. CIN is caused by HPV so with CIN1 they may test to see if the HPV is still present to determine if the changes are likely to heal on their own or treatment is needed. With CIN2/3 it is obvious a persistent HPV strain is present and treatment is needed.

I think you will be okay on Christmas to still enjoy yourself. Good to get it out of the way. Are you having it under general or local? If you are have GA then maybe it's a bad idea as it usually knocks you for a few days.

It's really not that bad.  I didn't have pain or bleeding after colposcopy but I did have a stinging feeling and leaked iodine back out. I was able to go about my day as normal.  I to have pcos ( thin cyster without insulin resistance ) which causes a whole lot of problems without added stress

My apologies, I thought you were having treatment done. If it is just the colposcopy you're having on the 24th then you will be more than fine. If it is CIN3 they will do 1 of 2 things; 1) threat it then and there with local or, 2) take punch biopsies and get you to come back at a later appointment for treatment under GA. The bleeding from the punch biopsies are really not that bad and LLETZ or LOOP under LA is less traumatising to the system than GA so you will be able to function on Christmas. If you have any questions about the procedure feel free to ask.  

Thank you all so much for your kind comments.

having explained how to feel to some of my friends and family (who haven't been through it) is frustrating because all I get back is "you'll be fine" how do they know? Is it me, or with this situation do you feel more inclined to want to avoid people altogether? I'm not one for sympathy, just needed some support.

sleep wise, it's awful! I got that stressed out last night that I actually wet myself a little and woke up crying then had a panic attack. 

I'm thankful for the people who share their stories and you guys know exactly the feelings, stress and sense of panic I'm feeling right now.

please keep me updated with your own progresses too!!


hugs xxxx


What rubbish timing! I have had both colposcopy and LLETZ treatment and both were absolutely fine. As daft as it sounds, the more you relax the better it will be. 

Good luck,


Hi Hun - Try not to google it makes things so much worse and so much info on the Internet is inaccurate and just panics you. I googled myself into a frenzy, ended up having panic attacks and not sleeping then convinced myself I had CC. I'm still really worried but after i ended up crying to my boss at work about it I phoned the specialist who had done my colposcopy and the lady on the phone was so so nice. She told me I would actually be shocked at the amount of women who get CIN, loads and loads and they had women phoning all the time with the same worries and concerns as I had. She reassure me that I did not have CC and to think of the CIN like you would a mole on the skin, not cancer but something you should keep an eye on as it has the POTENTIAL to turn cancerous WITHOUT TREATMENT but  doesn't mean it's going to xx

Hi all! Well, my appointment was booked for next week (24th) then they wanted to change it to 23rd THEN they called me yesterday and said they had a cancellation soooo...... I went today!! The 2 women were lovely and made me feel dead reassured. It was very strange! I had to lie down on this contraption that was less than dignified! Anyway, I got a look at my cervix which was a very surreal experience! At first glance it looked ok until she zoomed in :-{ I could clearly see a few odd looking patches which clearly weren't normal. She didn't need to put any solution to see these abnormalities. Then she explained that she was going to perform LLETZ which I must admit I youtubed last week. I was absolutely nervous about the needle to numb me but I can honestly say I didn't feel a thing. The only thing I felt was a slight scratchy feeling towards the end, it wasn't painful. She decided to do the cone biopsy due to the sizes of the abnormalities. I tried my best to keep my eyes closed because I saw some blood and didn't want to faint. I was ok for about an hour afterwards then started to get some minor discomfort - nothing major. Abit like period pains. i hope the results from biopsy don't show up anything sinister! Xxx

plus today it's my birthday - one I won't forget in a hurry haha!!