High grade dyskaryosis

Hi everyone. I had my first smear test on the 1st of this month (will be 25 in december) results came a week later saying i have high grade dyskaryosis. I had a colposcopy and diathermy loop excision on thursday (23rd) i was just wondering about the results i will receive and what they will tell me? Also i have started bleeding this morning, only a small amount of fresh red blood (sorry if tmi!) And i dont know if this is my period or from the procedure. I had to take norethisterone until the day i had the procedure and it is the first time i have used it so i dont know when to expect my period? I also have quite bad cramp. Any advice will be much appreciated :) 


Lianne x

Hi Lianne,

I'm in kind of a similar sitch to you. I had my first smear and it came back with the same results as you. Did you have a biopsy done? Just wondering if the bleeding is part of the healing? I had bad cramp for a few days and i just took the strongest pain killers i could get. Its important to look after yourself now though.

Ellen x