High Grade Dyskaryosis

Would just like to thank this page and everyone who has shared their experience.  I received my results from my smear test 3 weeks ago, which showed abnormalities 'high grade dyskaryosis', im 31 and always go for smears on time, every previous one came back normal.  My reaction was like everyone else, panic, i'm a single mother of 2 young children and straight away feared the worst.  My appointment was booked for today at the hospital so 2 weeks of worry.  I done what your not supposed to do and went onto google to find out what high grade dyskaryosis meant, and for once it done me good.  After reading other peoples experiences, it really put my mind at ease, that this is very common and most people are totally fine.  I went for my appointment and it wasnt bad at all, just like a smear test, the nurse was lovely and she decided she wasnt going to give me treatment today, instead she took 2 biopsys (ill get my results in about 4 weeks, however i will be on holiday then so probably when i get back), and although my smear test results showed high grade, she said it looked to her like low grade, CIN1, so depending what the results say, i may not need treatement, or if i do it will be LLETZ.

If it wasnt for finding this site and reading all the posts, i would have been a wreck for the 2 weeks waiting for my appointment, but it calmed me down and if i do need treatment, i'm not worried.