high-grade dyskaryosis

Just seeking reassurance really.....

Am 27, had my first smear two weeks ago, kept putting it off, as thought nothing would be wrong. Had a letter in the post on Wednesday, saying that I had high grade dyskaryosis and that an appointment for a colposcopy has been booked at the hospital for the following Friday. 

So terrified. The fact that a hospital appointment was made for the following week has scared me even more, never knew you could get hospital appointments so quickly. Has just reinforced in my mind that something is terribly wrong. 

If treatment is needed, are the procedures that I've read about painful?

Sorry to sound like an over anxious whiner, but cannot help but worry about all of this, even to the point that it's affecting my sleep. 

Thank you in advance for any replies. 



Hi there, 

Have been through exactly the same thing - I went from thinking I was ok to two letters arriving within days of each other. That's normal procedure , that's what happens. It's so hard to say try not to worry, I did , I was so worried and anxious. But can honestly say the coloposcopy wasn't that bad as I'd expected it to be. Was slightly uncomfortable but no worse than a smear test. They will most likely take a biopsy as routine procedure . I also had a LLETZ procedure to remove the abnormal cells at another appointment. I was so anxious for weeks leading up to this but again it wasn't as bad as I'd expected. Had a great consultant and nurse who looked after me.Expected   the worst and it was fine, bit uncomfortable but the same as colposcopy - had my mum with me so that helped . 

I hope that helps a bit - try not to worry too much. 

Lorna x x 


Abnormal smear nov 2014- high grade dyskaryosis and high risk HPV :-( 

Colposcopy dec 2014 

LLETZ 2/3/15  ( I got lost in system at hospital. !) results April 2014- all fine ,just a smear test and test of cure in September 


The hospital phoned me after my smear with an appointment in three days. Which terrified me ! Wouldn't give any information over the phone. My letz results showed no signs of cc. The nurse told me that being called on within a week is completely normal. Its really hard not to worry I know but try and think your being seen and getting it sorted. Good luck the colposopy and letz treatment were not painful for me. Xx