high grade dyskaryosis

Hi just found this website - just had letter from smear results saying I have high grade dyskaryosis and waiting to go for further tests. Had breast cancer 7 years ago when I was told tumour was very small and I woukd just need a lumpectomy and radiation - after  ending up having radical mastectomy then reconstruction 18 months later and finished almost 6 years on Tamoxifen a year ago! My last smear was 3 1/2 years ago and was fine but I have had repeated urine tract infections for about 2 years with no real cause found.  Now really worried and my step son lost an ex girlfriend to cervical cancer a week ago. Feeling very shaken.up inside but glad I found this so I could get it off my chest, so to speak, as I don't want my family to know how I'm really feeling inside.  Thank you







i understand how worried you must be, especially after all you've been through. However, high grade dyskariosis should be easily treatable. Try not to let your own previous experiences cause you to think the worst now, easier said than done I know.

if you really don't want to talk to your family at this point, do you have a friend that could go with you? It is a good idea not to go on your own.

stay brave,

Molly xxx

Hi Karen.

So sorry to hear of your results and your history with Breast Cancer but please try to remember High Grade Dyskarosis does not mean cancer. I had a High Grade result just under a year ago and it wasn't cancer. I had to have a small operation to remove the abnormal cells and at my check up colposcopy last month they couldn't see anymore abnormal cells.

This website is an absolute godsend! The ladies on here are wonderful and will give you all the advise they can.

Have you now been referred for a colposcopy? It's just like a smear but can be a little uncomfortable, and they might do the treatment there and then which will help speed things along for you.

Good luck and let us know how you get on xx

Thank you both so much - was so worried when I got the letter - booked in for Thursday 13/11 for further tests - need to relax until i get those results I think and stop worrying




Hi Karen. I got the same result as you a month ago - was devastated too as never had an abnormal before (age 39). 

Today I had colposcopy and lletz at the same time. I was so worried but the doctor thinks that's all the treatment I'll need. Try not to worry - it should mean precancerous and a lletz will be all you'll need too. 

Lots of luck for your appointment and I would take someone for moral support and to drive you home. 

J x


Hi im new to the forum I too have just received high grade dyskayosis.

All previous smears have been normal still a little worried how it has jumped from

Being normal to high grade in just a few years.

Booked in for colposcopy in a week and half.

Slightly worried x

Thank you everyone. Went for leitz but wasn't carried out as consultant  could not see any area where there was a problem so just took another smear  which came  back high grade so now booked in again for the procedure next  week.  Thinks there may be a problem higher up so we'll see what  happens. 


Had leitz and coloscopy 29/12/2014 and consultant said afterwards she couldn't see anything amiss so not to worry and they would post results  - however today  consultant's secretary  called and I have to go tomorrow to see her - another 24 hours worrying. 

Hi Karen

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck for tomorrow, I really hope it goes OK for you.  Let us know how you get on.



Well not what I was expecting but the results are that it is a tumour from the breast cancer  that was picked up by the smear so back under care of breast unit - not gynecologist - had I not had smear  though it wouldn't have been picked up - it's probably not curable but will be managed - not the result I wanted but at least I know what I'm up againsto.  Thank you for your support xx

Hi Karen

Was checking your post last night to see if you had put how you had got on.  So sorry to hear you have a tumour from the breast cancer and how strange it was picked up by the smear, but thank goodness it has been picked up.

I really hope that if it is not curable then it can be managed successfully.

Big hugs


I have a large tumour in each ovary which is secondary breast cancer and all manageable by tablets and scans - this was picked up from smear test - I was not aware that a smear could pick anything else up except cervical cancer and speaking to friends and colleagues they were not aware of this either - another reason to promote smear tests