high grade dyskaryosis

Hi just found this website - just had letter from smear results saying I have high grade dyskaryosis and waiting to go for further tests. Had breast cancer 7 years ago when I was told tumour was very small and I woukd just need a lumpectomy and radiation - after  ending up having radical mastectomy then reconstruction 18 months later and finished almost 6 years on Tamoxifen a year ago! My last smear was 3 1/2 years ago and was fine but I have had repeated urine tract infections for about 2 years with no real cause found.  Now really worried and my step son lost an ex girlfriend to cervical cancer a week ago. Feeling very shaken.up inside but glad I found this so I could get it off my chest, so to speak, as I don't want my family to know how I'm really feeling inside.  Thank you






Hi Karen, you have such an awful background, I really feel for you. My stepmother just recently had a double mastectomy too.

I'm sure considering your experience that its not going to be easy for you to think positively, but the reality of high grade changes is that it is so easily treatable. Cervical cancer is very slow growing, so if your smear was clear 3 years ago, it should not have been able to develop into something really bad. You may need a treatment, but chances of it being cancer are so so slim.

Have they given you an appointment for a colposcopy?