high grade dyskaryosis

Hi ladies I know ive not been diagnosed with cc but I am going out of my mind with worry I am tterrified. ..they say chances of finding cancer are very unlikely but if so then why are there alot of women here who have started same as me abnormal smear..did any of you ladies have symptoms at all? Im only 27 with 2 young children and feel like im on slippery slope of losing it all xxx


Hi Hun, 

The reason there is more on here that have gone to find they have cc is because they are the ladies that tend to stick around on here while under going treatment/the aftermath whereas the ladies who habe CIN abnormalities tend to go once colposcopy & treat is all done.

Youl see on here how busy the smear & colposcopy section is whereas the cc forums are less busy. 

The chances of them finding anything more sinister are very slim but wed be lying if I said it doesn't happen. 

Have you got a date for colposcopy yet? 

At colposcopy they will have a really good close up look much like a smear just a little longer. They may take biopsies or can offer treatmet there & then. 

Please be assured that if they offer treatment there & then it is not because they think anything bad or urgent, it's just that some clinics have the equipment & training to offer there & then whereas others prefer to wait for biopsies or don't have the equipment. 

I think most of us in here agree waiting is the hardest bit & we all torture ourselves with alsorts of ideas & I think its a pretty natural response. 

Hopefully youl have some idea of what is going to happen sometime soon. 

Please inbox me if your worried or would like somebody to talk to

Big hugs 



Please try not to scare yourself! It only seems like there are lots of ladies on here because thats what your looking for. There are also lots of ladies who graded high and who have not been diagnosed. Look for reassurance,  our minds do crazy things and we tend to only be interested in what 'might be' and not what it is likely to be. I don't know if you've had a colposcopy yet but if you haven't, ring your GP surgery and ask if you can go speak to your nurse who carried out your smear. Keep yourself busy until then, don't google - and if you do find yourself thinking about it just come straight on here. x

Thank u for ur replies..and I know wat u mean I keep looking more at the bad rather than the good stories which definitely outway the bad ones thankfully. .I got impatient and rang up and have told me 23rd dec..so horribly close to Christmas...god knows how gonna get my mind off it for 3 weeks..feels like forever away xx