high grade dyskaryosis

ive just had my results through saying I have high grade dyskaryosis. So obviously I was concerned what this meant. I found out ive been booked in for a colcoscopy. I have googled what will happen. And I can probably cope with the examination with my partner present. But what im most concerned about is the fact I may need treatment and I am insanely terrified of needles and I've read that they inject into the cervix. Which the thought of alone makes me shake and want to be sick. I don't know what to do about it. I had to have a blood test years ago and I had to take so much diazepam to get me through the door that my partner almost had to carry me because I could barely walk. Im super worried about going in and finding out they want to do the treatment then and not being able to go through with it. But then that hurts my brain because I cant stand the thought of walking away knowing something is wrong. I will just worry about it endlessly. Im not sleeping with worry. I've got 10 days until the appointment and figured my best bet was to be prepared for anything they may say. But I just don't know how, or what to do, or how to put something in place to deal with this crippling needle phobia before then. Any suggestions? ☹

Hi, although I don’t like needles I promise you that I did not see or feel any needles at all and I had treatment. I hope that puts your mind at rest a bit xx