High Grade Dyskaryosis

I got a call today to call me to clinic asy results show High Grade Dyskaryosis. 

Does this mean cin3, I've spoke  to my gp who has put my mind at ease a little. I have had some pain in the groin area which comes and goes and I get back ache but she seems to think it's not related. 

I've  it had any abnormal bleeding and my previous smear 3 years ago was normal. 

Has anyone else had the same? 

I have an appointment next Tuesday, as they had cancellations. 


Hi, my story was similar to yours in the early stages and whilst I did have early stage Cancer they said it was rare for this to develop between clear smears. I too had backache and groin pain but these were completely unrelated so try not to worry although I know that's easier said than done. Take care and feel free to ask any questions, this forum is amazing and will give you any support you need xx