High grade dyskaryosis smear with ? Features of ? Invasion

I had my first ever smear 17.06.2021 due to being stupid never attended previous invitations, I’ve got invited for an colposcopic on 10. 07, the doctor did biopsy then, I have not reviewed an official results yet but just received a letter which is a copy of the letter from treatment doctor or my GP, there are something really worry me sick, cause I didn’t see anyone mentioned on here, so I want just post it and see if anyone can give me some kind of explanation :weary:
“ was referred with high grade dyskaryosis smear with ? Features of ? Invasion. A colposcopic examination was satisfactorily carried out. This showed a bulky red erythematous cervix with definite features of high grade disease.

So what are those2 question marks mean?
And I’ve never heard anyone here mentioned about there diagnosis has “? Invasion “ or “red erythematous cervix”

Does that means its really really bad??? :sob:I am so scared! My daughter is only 12 her father is not a dependable person at all :disappointed:

Please let me know if you had the same thing on your letter.