High Grade dyskaryosis smear result :(

Hi, I'm new to the forum, joined after getting an abnormal smear test result last week.

My smear was abut 18 months overdue when I went 2 weeks ago, got the letter from the docs on Friday to say I had changes in the cells. I rang the doctors surgery and when she checked my notes it just said dyskaryosis, and I would be getting a letter from the hospital with an appointment. The next day I got a letter from the hospital saying it was high grade and that I would be getting an appointment soon. Couple of days after that I got another letter from the hospital, my appointment is monday next week. A colposcopy and possibly biopsy.

I'm almost 42, never had abnormal changes in a smear before. I googled it ( yes, I know ) and it seems the speed at which my appointment is due is a bad indicator ? 

I've had a copper coil fitted for 2 years which I got removed today, I couldn't stand the heavy periods any longer, I wanted to go back to the implant.  This was all arranged before I got my results. A few weeks back I had a week of bleeding inbetween periods, which spurred me to get upto date with my smears.

 20 years ago I caught hpv from my then-boyfriend and was treated for it. I don't know if this has come back and caused serious damage? 

My head is all over the place, I'm absolutely terrified. My partner found this forum and said it was full of great advice so here I am. I just keep thinking it could be cc because my smear was overdue and it could be advanced.

I'm sorry for the rambling post, it has took me a few days to pluck up the courage to join.

Hi debbie, I went through the same thing recently, i got back from my weeks holiday to find 2 hospital letters on my doorstep, one saying my smear result was high dys. and i would recieve an appointment for colopscopy soon. That was the other letter n i was worried since both letters were dated the same day, n my appointment was also for the next wednesday. I think they like to get people with high grade in quicker or it may be down to the hospital themselves not sure. Try not to worry too much and hopefully you’ll know more on monday when you have your colposcopy, i’ve found the hardest part in this is the waiting, i’ve been waiting just over 5 weeks for my biopsy results to come back, i’m glad i didn’t have to wait that long for my colposcopy. Good luck for monday.

Well my appointment is this afternoon, hoping to get some answers.

Hi Debbie

I think our experiences are very similar. I was 18 months late having my test as I found out i was pregnant s few days before my smear appointment. I finally had my smear a week last friday (same time as a coil fitting) and she noticed changes, erosion that bled to touch and bacterial infection :-( I got a letter on saturday saying I was High grade too so I am out of my mind with worry and anxiety.


What I will say is that after speaking to my surgeon brother (not gynae but very knowledgeable and has access to pretty much any info) he told me that its really not worth getting ourselves into a state about as the chances of the cells being treated successfully are overwhelmingly in our favour and that obviously the screening is there for exactly this......to detect dodgy cells, that its done its job and that now we are in the system we will be looked after, and everything will be done to ensure everything is caught, cut out if necessary and dealt with, probably during the colposcopy, but if not soon after.....and that should be the end of it. Having said that I know how you are feeling as I feel exactly the same.....its so difficult for anyone else to understand unless they are in it themselves, and your mind goes into overdrive fearing the possibilities.

I wish you the best of luck this afternoon, I hope all goes well  and please update us as to how you get on, my thoughts are with you

Jacqui xx









Well I just thought I'd let you know the latest, after my colposcopy last Monday.

The doc was very reassuring as soon as I went through the door, showed me some hand-drawn diagrams of what he would be looking for etc. I told him I would prefer to have treatment straight away if it was necessary, which he agreed was the best plan. 

The injection wasn't as bad as I was expecting and the actual treatment just felt warm, not like being hit with a lightsabre which I was sure it would feel like !

It was all over in about 10 or 15 minutes. They did a biopsy, apparently the results will be about 3 weeks. The doc told me to expect it to say cin 2 or cin3. He believes the lletz got rid of it all but of course I have to go back for another smear in 6 months. 

So I'm hoping they got rid of it all, keeping my fingers crossed !

I was told no sex or baths for 4 weeks ( !eeek! ) and also no riding my bike for at least 2 weeks. I was pretty quiet on the way home, I think all the worry had all caught up with me. Felt a little crampy so had some ibuprofen and went to bed for a couple of hours.

This is the icky bit so stop reading here if you like -----

The discharge is a bit yuk ! It's like powdered charcoal. I looked online and apparently it's quite common and should be ok soon. Keeping a check on it.

So I suppose I'm waiting to see what the biopsy says. I really appreciate the replies I got on here, I just couldn't bring myself to reply straight away, this has all been such a shock.

I'll keep you updated x

Hi Debbie

Thanks for the update......it sounds like it all went well and I appreciate the info as I am going for my colposcopy today. I am very nervous but at the same time I am eager to get it seen to and hopefully dealt with. Everyone is trying to put my mind at rest saying it will all be fine but I am just crapping it if I am honest :-(

I laughed at the no sex for 4 weeks.......I am definitely in no mood for it anyway so shouldn't be a problem lol! Although I do feel sorry for my OH.

Got my mum to come with me as she has had the same treatment herself and is really calm! My partner would probably go to pieces as he is worrying himself about it too.

Do update us....and Ill do the same, take care xxx


jac x