High grade dyskaryosis (severe)

Hi all! 

Ive been reading everyone’s posts and I do feel like I’ve learnt a lot from everyone’s experiences. I have had a lot of gynae problems for many years I have endometriosis and a lot of my symptoms over the years have always been blamed on that, I have a coil inserted and the strings went missing then I had a smear and asked her to look for my strings she didn’t find them and my smear kicked off really bad bleeding (I’ve not bled for 2 years) 8 days later my smear results say high grade dyskaryosis (severe) next day my colposcopy appointment arrives for 4 days later -this Monday then I started looking at various symptoms and I have everything other than the spottin but I did have this before the coil. They’ve told me im cin3 and will need treatment on Monday but won’t tell me my hpv status I’m scared and worried has anyone else bled after smear and it not been cancer? Before my coil I used to bleed for months clots the lot which couldn’t be controlled with norithisterone this year I’ve been thru a medical menopause 3 times they recently found Tumours in my lung, thyroid and spine they presumed they are all benign but now I’m scared they are linked to smear results any info appreciated