High grade dyskaryosis please help!

I went for my first smear test 2 weeks ago. Since then i have been at work (i work on cruise ships). I recieved a phonecall from my mum to say she had recieved the results and there is high grade dyskarosis and have been referred for a colposcopy. Ive flown home yesterday and have my appointment tomorrow. Im now sitting here worrying about everything. Im scared and i dont know what to think or expect.

Hi, Griggsy.

Like you, I was away when I got my smear results (my husband opened mine because we were anxiously awaiting them as I have already had a colcoscopy and biopsies for low grade/CIN 1) and that wasn't very nice - I think it takes you a few days to get used to the idea, so don't worry about feeling scared, it's totally normal to feel that way.

I was high grade like you.  When I went to colcoscopy, the doctor told me that my smear was actually in the moderate category.  The hospital near me are amazing and the doc explained before we went into the room where the colcoscopy takes place that he would treat on the day if he could.  He explained the whole process and answered all my questions, my husband was with me (I think it's good to take somebody with you).  Then we went into the colcoscopy room and the nurses got me comfortable.  It's really not that bad - not unlike a smear, really, but you can watch your cervix on the screen.  The doctor showed me which bits were abnormal.  He was able to remove them that day so I agreed.  He said it looked high grade so I was glad to get rid of it (although it's not that scary to look at for you or I - I was desperately worried that it would look grossly abnormal on the screen and frighten me but it didn't).  The nurse got me to count while he did the LLETZ/loop procedure.  It literally took 15 seconds and I didn't feel anything because of the anaesthetic.  

I've had a little bit of bleeding since (my appointment was 5 days ago).  It seems to be getting a bit heavier, but it's still way less than a period, and I'm not at all uncomfortable.  I haven't heard anything yet and I hope I don't for a few weeks.  The normal procedure is to get a letter in 3-4 weeks so no news is good news!

Hope that helps.  Any questions, please ask.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply. You definitely reassured me. Ive just got back from my appointment and they said i am on between Cin 1 and Cin 2 so thankfully didnt need any treatment, got to go back in 6 months but wait for the results of the biopsy in the mean time.