High Grade Dyskaryosis - going on holiday and joining the RAF


I am 24 (25 next month) and I had my first cervical screening test just over a week ago. I got a letter through on Saturday saying that I have high grade dyskaryosis and will need to have a colposcopy.

My colposcopy is booked for the 22nd August and my letter says that I may have loop excision on the same day.

For the last few days I have been very upset and worried. The main reason is the fear of malignant cells and the pain of the tests/treatment and during the healing process. However my fears are made worse as I go on holiday to Florida on the 5th September (exactly 2 weeks after the colposcopy) and 4 days after I come home from Florida I am starting RAF Basic Training.

I am upset that I will most likely not be able to swim on my holiday that I have paid thousands of pounds for, but I am also worried as I have read that I will need to stop exercising for a few weeks and I have worked so hard to get my fitness level to the highest it has ever been and I have a fitness test on day 2 of joining the RAF so I can't let it slip. I currently go to the gym around 5/6 times a week and train very hard.

I feel so lost and I just don't know what to do with myself.

Can anyone give me some advice?

Many thanks,

Sarah x

Hi Sarah,

each person is different. I had a letter saying I had severe Dys. I had my colposcopy last Friday and had LLETZ treatment at the same time.

You are unable to swim, bath, use tampons or have sex for 4 weeks and they say the bleeding can last just as long. This has really hot me hard, I'm constantly bleeding/gushing although each person is different. I barely have the energy to leave the house.

i am also ex Rhow so understand how tough the training is. I too exercise 5 times a week and not being able to do anything is hard but you must follow the advice given.

Can you call your recruiter and explain the situation? Maybe they could give you a later joining date? I know that would be disappointing but it's better that you are fit and healthy.

Hi KW,

Thank you for your response.

The leaflet I have been given states 2 weeks for exercise/swimming and only says "it is not advisable" rather than do not. My plan at the moment (obviously this may change depending how my body reacts to everything) is to do nothing at all for 2 weeks and then start back gradually. Hopefully that way my fitness levels wont drop too much. I will speak to the nurses/doctors about it all in more detail next Thursday and see what they say.

I have my final interview for the RAF on Monday so will be telling them about the situation then. I should be all healed by the time I start Basic (5 weeks after the colposcopy/LLETZ) so I don't predict there would be a problem, obviously as long as my fitness doesn't drop too much. If they see it as a problem they would most likely push me back to January start. Not ideal but I will just have to see what they say.

I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't think too much about next week. How did you find it all?

Sarah x