High Grade Dyskaryosis & Fertility, please help.

Hi everyone, I first want to say how grateful I am to have stumbled upon this page. Just reading some of your stories and reassuring responses has put my mind slightly more at ease. I received my letter containing my screening results yesterday. The letter said; we have found some abnormalities called High Grade (moderate) Dyskaryosis, and referred me for a colposcopy. I have read all the information enclosed, and looked into it all, via the dreaded google. I then called Macmillan's helpline, as it was suggested on one of the pages I visited. With it being a Friday evening, I could not call my GP (and to be honest, have 0 faith in him anyway). The Macmillan nurse chatted to me, and presumably tried to put my mind at rest, but I suffer with severe anxiety and depression, so just listening to her concerned tone was enough to cause mass panic in my brain. She said something which I can't stop worrying about, on top of the undeniable fear of the dreaded C word. She said, women who have dyskaryosis often struggle to carry a baby to full-term. I am 25 years old, have a long-term boyfriend, and we plan to have children in not too many years. The thought of having my own little babies is all I have dreamt about since being a little girl. I am so excited to be a mum, to create my own little person and love them unconditionally. The fear that I might not be able to carry my baby to full-term is terrifying. Even more terrifying is the thought of being infertile altogether. Without the ability to have children, I lose my purpose in life, and I'm not sure how to get a handle on that. On top of all this, my lovely boyfriend is away at the moment, until January, in Cambodia. So I don't have him to lean on at this time when I need his level head and matter-of-fact advice more than anything. I just wondered if anyone has experienced what I'm explaining and is open to offering me some advice? I am frightened of everything I have to face now, and without my main hand to hold, I feel very alone in all of this. Does anyone know about fertility and dyskaryosis? Or has anyone had children after such a diagnosis? Will I struggle to carry to full-term? Please help, I really just feel so confused and alone. Rosie xx

I know lots of people personally who have had severe dyskariosis,  had lletz to remove the abnormal cells, then had no problems since. And have conceived and carried their babies to full term with no problems at all. One of the girls did have a problem during labour that her cervix wouldn't dilate so ended up with emergency c section but then I know girls that's happened to that have never had lletz. I think carrying a baby to term is only a problem for woman that have had several lletz or deep cone biopsies which remove a much larger piece of cervix but even then they can put a stitch in the cervix to hold it together for pregnancy. I think whoever you spoke to has really jumped the gun and caused you unnecessary anxiety, I know it's terrifying to receive that letter but its actually alot more common than you probably realise x


I've had severe dyskaryosis and lletz treatment, I then fell pregnant a few months later and carried to full term with zero issues. In fact I went 6 days overdue and needed a sweep to start labour off.

I've also known my sister in law have the same thing and treatment and again she went almost two weeks overdue! 

And it was something I worried a bit about in my pregnancy but after researching the majority of women have zero issues and those that do tend to struggle with dilating during labour rather than  not being able to Carry to full term.