High Grade Dyskaryosis at 25...

Hi all, 


I have just turned 25 and recently had my first smear as soon as it was available, having been diagnosed with Graves Diseases in 2010 and undergoing radiotherapy I have wanted to put my health first and given that this test has been incredibly positive in preventing cervical cancer who would pass this up?!

I went along to my smear, nervous and anxious! Taking to medical forums for moral support as I am a big fan of these! It was absolutely fine and I don't know why I ever worried about it now. After the smear I felt so relieved and thought "well that's out the way for another 3 years". 5 days later I received a letter saying I had High Grade Dyskaryosis, as I read on in my head I have already convinced myself of the worst. I was thinking how can this happen on my first smear? I received 3 leaflets along with this and an appointment for 3 days later which is this Thursday. All 3 leafelts shouted cancer at me, that's all that I can think about. I am at university and have lots of work on at the moment as well and I have been doing really well and I feel like this is slipping away from me as my mind is already wandering on negative things that I probably shouldn't even be worrying about. 

When I was diagnosed with Graves Diseases at 20 my world fell apart and I lost my job, house and boyfriend as I struggled to come to terms and adjust to this. The last few years I have got back on my feet and grasped life with 2 hands retraining in Veterinary to fulfil my ambitions and work with animals as I have always wanted. I have read many posts and pages (for good or bad) and I feel more confused about this as ever as they seem one extreme or the other. I know this is not a diagnosis and their are people in much worse a place than me but I can't help thinking about this and what it means for me now and if this will have an affect on my Graves as my recent blood tests came back abnormal for the first time in 3 years too. 

Any adivce or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated :) 


L x




Hi LaurenJayne,

Im in the same position as you atm, had my first smear (24) a few weeks back.

Got the letter yesterday to say I have high grade dyskaryosis, needless to say I freaked out! I had just assumed all would be well and didn't give it any further thought after the test other than "well that's that done for a while!"

Today I got my letter to go for the colposcopy on 31st March. I have prepared myself for needing laser or LLETZ and thankfully the posts on here have put my mind at rest that it is quick and pain free. Also, I am now reassured that even if it is the dreaded C word, it can be easily treated.

I can't comment on the impact it will have on you considering the Graves diagnosis, to be honest I had to google it before replying to you as not heard of it before. I would recommend ringing your GP if you have questions, I did and she really reassured me and said it could even just be an infection.

The lovely ladies on here have been fab, it helps to talk to people who know how you feel. I know the waiting is the hardest, I'm scared too, but in the meantime don't be a stranger, we can all support each other xx 

Thanks for the lovely message, that has really reassured me :) It's nice to know your not on your own as being young you instantly think you must be the only one. I guess the most worrying is clarifying what exactly high grade means as it seems such a generalised term. I have my colposcopy on Thursday and Im actually looking forward to it more than being nervous just because I'm so anxious to find out what I have and how it will be treated. I shall let you know how it goes, it sounds like we are in safe caring hands and hopefully will be quick much like a lot of peoples' experiences. 

I hope yours goes well and it's nothing serious, fingers crossed! 



Do report back and let us know how you got on :) 

Mine is not until the 31st although my GP very kindly said he would ask them to bring it forward if possible.

I know what you mean about "looking forward" to it, the sooner the better!! I was worried at first about it hurting but all accounts I've read have said it really isn't anything to worry about, phew.

One good thing in all of this is my friends are now all rushing to book their tests and have promised me they won't ever miss one!!

How are you feeling now? I have been very up and down, optimistic that it's nothing one moment then in tears the next. Very odd!