High Grade Dyskaryosis and treatment awaiting results

Hi guys,

 had my first smear a year ago and it showed low grade dyskaryosis, year later 4weeks ago had my smear again as I was told I had high grade now. Had my coloscopy and they wanted to do treatment there and then which was loop diathermy (my poor husband nearly passed out literally). 

Couple questions... 

watery discharge (sorry tmi) is this normal like I literally feel like I’m peeing myself sometimes!

And the cramp is a lot at times like can be like someone twisting my stomach 

are these normal?

also i am so worried about my results as I’m only 26 and my first smear wasnt great now my second was worse. Just so scary at times.

Hi, The symptoms you’ve described is normal and should improve over the next 4 weeks. You may pass clots and some ‘griity’ discharge - the ’scab’ caused by the LLETZ. If you’re having to change a normal pad more than every hour, then it’s wise to contact your doctor or go to hospital.

I understand how scary the results must be for you, but  dyskaryosis is slow growing and high grade isn’t cancer, and it’s possible that it won’t progressed any further than that with you. I was diagnosed with high grade (severe) in May this year and after 2 LLETZs and finally a hysterectomy in October, the path result still showed it hadn’t progressed any further. 

There‘s ‘ask an expert’ feature on here that I found very helpful. Or you can contact your doctor or the hospital and I’m sure they’ll be willing to answer your questions.