High grade dyskaryosis and pregnant!

Hi, I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant and due to attend Colposcopy soon following smear results of high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. A year ago my results were ‘normal‘ so i’m concerned about how quickly the cells have changed in a short period of time. Does anyone have any similar experience of this? Looking for some reassurance and insight in to what could happen next. TIA


My cells went from normal to CIN3 in 9 months. I don’t think they will treat you during pregnancy so you might have to have regular check ups to keep an eye on the cells until you’ve completed your pregnancy.

Hi @Lucky7

In most cases cells do progress slowly over time (years), but in some cases they dont behave the way they normally do but that doesnt make cancer more likely to happen or happen quickly, 10-11% find their cells progressed/developed to CIN3 by their follow up appointments…

its now acceped that CIN in some cases it can progress through its stages within months or depending on some factors it can present as A hugher grafe before presenting as a lower grade so it doesnt always come in a linear fashion as it was once believed, but the timeframe of someone developing cancer from CIN doesnt change, its now believed its CIN3 that actually takes the timeframe of 3-15 years to invade

Smears dont diagnose our cells they just describe how different they look from normal, a number of factors can make our cells look abnormal including pregnancy… the colposcopy is needed to identify if these changes that were picked up by the smear was a precancer or if it was caused by something thats not concerning

If they do believe that these changes are CIN3, because you are pregnant (congratulations btw! :slight_smile: ) they normally advise against treatment until 3 months after giving birth, but they will give you the option to treat it giving you the risks but also give the option to monitoring these changes with regular check ups with the decision being your choice

My cells went from borderline to CIN3 in just over a year, i wasnt pregnant but i needed to have it done under GA in the end, so from CIN3 being confirmed to having the treatment completed there was a 9 week window so naturally i got in my own head thinking “they progressed so quickly theyre bound to find something” topped with the symptoms id been experiencing i was a mess, it turned out that i was my own worst enemy though despite going from 0-99 in just over a year that 9 week wait didnt make a difference it was still precancerous changes only

Hope this helps xx

Thank you for the replies. The information has been really helpful- it’s the not knowing that I find scary. I had my smear over two months ago now and found out I was pregnant after so the news has hit me hard. I only just had my results as there was such a delay (8+ weeks). If I knew I could treat it now I would feel better but by the sounds of it, it looks like I won’t be able to do that without compromising my pregnancy?

It is likely it would have an impact as i think they would still be able to go ahead if it didnt, i dont think they can put a risk percentage on it as most do opt to monitor so they cant really estimate it

They probably wont be too concerned since your smear was normal 12 months ago so they will try to reassure you that monitoring these changes despite the severity would be safe to do and treat them after the baby is born, thats if they havnt regressed back to normality on their own by that time xx

Thank you Tinkerbelle. I really appreciate you taking the time to give me such a detailed response- it’s been very helpful xx