High grade dyskaryosis and polyp

Hello, my story is quite long but stick with me!
I had a ultrasound and transvaginal scan in April and June they first came back saying I had a cyst on R ovary, then on the 2nd, no cyst but a polyp which is 39mm!! Awaiting gynaecologist appointment 19/9 for consultation/hystoscopy? In the meantime I had a smear 10 days ago (last one 3yrs ago fine) and got a letter Friday saying I had high grade(moderate) dyskaryosis and will need a colposcopy which they will send an appointment through. I am really worried and first got told I had possible endometriosis before first scan then cyst then polyp now this! I feel like I’m just waiting and finding out snippets of info at a time. I went to see gp to put my mind at ease but she couldn’t tell me much and this was before my smear.
I originally went as I was getting stomach cramps for three weeks of the month. (Week before during and after period) Since all this has been going on (saw GP end on Feb) I am getting headaches and really bad fatigue. Not sure if anyone knows how long it takes for all this and anyone in the same boat?

Wow, thats a large polyp! Thats larger than my tumor! Interesting. Please keep us updated with how this goes. The only thing rellevant I can add, is that before my diagnosis an Ultra Sound picked up a 1 cm fibroid in my cervical canal. Well my 1 cm fibroid ended up in actuality being a nearly 7 cm tumor of the glandular area! I wasnt happy about that. I doubt your outcome is nearly as sinister. I didnt tell you this to worry you, its just the closest way i can relate lol :)

Sorry I wrote it in mm as it was on the referral letter, so just under 4cm. Blimey how did they miss that?! Mine was missed first time round when I was told I had an ovarian cyst originally. Got my letter through Monday, saying colposcopy booked for next Tuesday. Seems quick, but I actually feel a bit more positive now I have a date. Will let you know 

Cheers :-)