high grade dyskaryosis and bleeding please help!

Hi all, firstly I’m sorry if this is quite long winded. I would just like to know if anyone has been in the same situation and what the outcome was? I had my first smear 2 weeks ago, came back as high grade dyskaryosis. Slightly worried. Colposcopy booked for Tuesday afternoon. However, since around 13 weeks of pregnancy I started bleeding and I mean really bleeding. Never got any answers, just ‘it’s one of those things’ and ‘sometimes it happens and we don’t know why’ pregnancy progressed and had baby a little premature but healthy. Baby is now 10 months and doing fab. Still bled for around 8 weeks after baby then stopped for a month. Periods began again but very heavy and very long, on average I have about 2 days a month ‘blood free’ went to the docs who said this was not normal and prescribed microgynon. Took for 3 month with no change at all. Then prescribed Norethisterone. Been taking for 12 days 3 times a day but I’m still bleeding. My nurse said that they will not perform the colposcopy if I’m bleeding which is very worrying as nothing seems to stop the bleeding and I want the answers as to why my smear is high grade. Could the bleeding be linked to my smear result and has anyone been in the same situation and what was the result/outcome? Sorry again for how long this is! X x

Hello :) I had high grade dyskaryosis last year. My situation is different in that I hadn't been pregnant and hadn't had bleeding. However on the day of my colposcopy and loop excision  (treatment to remove the cells) I came on my period, the nurse still performed both procedures though so I don't know why they wouldn't do the same for you if you are bleeding. Unless it is very heavy perhaps? So I would definitely double check that. It's a worrying time I know, but try not to panic as these things are treatable.  Xxx

Thank you Coribec. I have spoken to the nurse again who has said to still come and they will assess it there but I may need to come back if there is too much blood. i hope this isn't the case though as I'm always bleeding! But today is the day, feeling very nervous! Is someone allowed in the room with you during the procedure? X x

Hi , I was bleeding constantly and they still did my colposcopy as well as taking biopsies from cervix and also my womb due to family history. 

I don't understand why they are refusing to do the colposcopy due to bleeding. I have just been diagnosed with CIN1 and severs dyskaryosis , found via the biopsies. I'm going in next Thursday for a cone biopsy under local to determine exactly what is going on , the waiting is awful. Anyone else find they are worrying over silly things like who is going to watch my girls , who's going to get them to school , I need bed rest for the day so my partner going to have to stay off work. The waiting is the worse. I just want to know , my bleeding stopped suddenly but I have awful pain during and after sex and bleed afterwards sometimes , although this was often before Xmas. I'm also covered in eczema , which my body uses to tell me something isn't right normally. 

Good luck , I wish you all the best. Speak to your colposcopist , mine was happy to carry out investigations as its not always possible to stop the bleeding. Thinking of you all xxx

Hi Charliebam88! They managed to do the colposcopy! Thank god! She did say i was lucky as of the bleeding was any heavier they wouldn't have. its the long wait for results now. She did say that from what she could see she's pretty sure we are looking at CIN3 but the biopsies will confirm. Feeling a little better as I have an answer now even though I would have felt happier with a lower grade CIN. As for the bleeding she doesn't think it is related but has advised to wait for the results and treatment before we look at the bleeding. So now it's the waiting game again :( she said it should take around 4-6weeks for results which feels like forever!!! X x x