High grade dyskaryosis again within 9 months



I have just had my 6 months smear after a colposcopy and biopsy for high grade dskaryosis and it has come back as high grade dskaryosis again. So this has come back again within 9 months. Has any one else had this and how many times can they send you for a biopsy until they would consider any other procedures? I was always confused by the letter sent after the colposcopy and biopsy as it said I did have high grade dskaryosis and thats what I had the biopsy for and not that they had tested after and now had gone. So that was a wait of 6 weeks for that letter to tell me nothing new. I thought it took agges to get back to high grade or does that mean the biopsy didnt work?

hya fuzzy, i cant say for definate because i can only go off my own experience or ones i have read. but the colposcopy like you said is to determine what CIN/ grade your changes are. and if they are high grade like they have told you you should have been offered treatment to remove them. the nurse told me that higher end CIN2 and definately Cin3 they will remove. they tend to leave CIN1 to see if it rights itself. so i am a bit confused as to why they havent offered you treatment since your biopsy. (the biopsy only takes a tiny amount). so if you have never had the LLETZ treatmement to remove the abnormal cells i think they will be the same ones not new ones. i hope this makes sense, but i think you need to talk to a doctor and tell them you want to be refered to have them removed. ifs your body and your choice. and if you have high grade changes they should do it no questions hun. let us know how you get on :)

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I was rushing as was off to work. I did have the LLETZ procedure when I went for the colposcopy and had a biopsy too. So after having the LLETZ it has come back within 9 months. I think I was just panicing after getting another letter saying having another colposcopy, feel better now. Will get some questions ready for when I have my colposcopy, they are usually very quick here.

awww ok good luck x

Hey there, I have been in a similar position, thinking that if it has come back so bad so soon that has to bad right! Well it wasnt quite that simple, when I got my lletz results I was told that my margins were 'good' and I assumed that that meant clear but that wasnt strictly true. The consultant explained that any residual cells are normally taken care of at the end of the loop procedure when they do the cauterisation, unless the margins from the piece they take are definatley not clear then they assume any leftovers are burnt away. As the cervix wont be healed enough to test for 6 months anyway they tend not to take too much notice until the 6 month check up. He explained that my margins werent strictly clear so there was a chance that my high grade result was from a few left over cells or from deeper in the cervical canal, so it wasnt a case of suddenly being back to high grade but rather stuff they missed last time.

I ended up having the majority of my cervix removed by a cone biopsy, my family is complete and this gave me the best chance of getting it all out, the results eventually showed CIN1 which confused everybody, but still glad I had it done and this time I definatley had good clear margins. Im due to get my latest smear results on tuesday so fingers crossed it will come back clear!!!!!