High Grade dyskaroysis


I have health anxiety. I went to the doctors as I had blood in discharge only once. doc said it was my anxiety causing this. Sex is occasionally uncomfortable, in certain positions, since childbirth. I tried to over rule docs and book a smear they said I had I wait till sept when I was due, luckily it was about 2 months to wait. went to smear and the sample pot she took was blood red. Last smear 3 years ago was normal. Now it's saying high grade, have 18 month old and 3 year old Girls, that are my world.I was just wondering if any ladies had similar symptoms just from the high grade or is it what we all fear. 


Thank you

Sorry you find yourself here. I don't have much info because I am only newly diagnosed. 

I've always had normal pap results even in 2011 wheny dr doing a pap seen a erosion and had me go for colp. They seen an abnormal blood vessel and took a biopsy and another smear. All 3 came back negative. I had follow up at 6 months and 12 months all normal.  I then got pregnant with our second childand had a pap when he was 6 months old,  also normal.  I then got pregnant when he was 11 months old. 8 months postpartum i had some spotting mid cycle and let it go but tgen this cycle I had what appeared to be another period 5 days after one finished so I went to my gp she had me come back a day after bleeding stopped for a pap which showed CIN3 she wasn't very nice to me at all but I went from negative and hpv negative to CIN3 in less then 2 years. I have a colp on October 1st and have convinced myself that I'm going to leave my 3 babies without a mum. I hope you have got clear answers by now