High grade dyskarosis and fertility help?

Just looking for some advice really if possible I had my smear on the 30th october my First one aged 29 on the 4th November I recieved a letter stating they’ve found high grade dyskaryosis and a colposcopy has been booked I then received another letter on the 7th November stating it’s booked for the 14th Novemebr im now thinking the worst to be honest for years now I’ve had issues pains on and off , during sex can be painful , bleeding very heavy then Nothing for months this was all put down to my PCOS of hormonal changes when id go to the GP about it and a smear was only booked when my fertility specialist asked for one which also makes me wonder I’m due to start fertility treatment at my next appointment with her on the 15th December I’m assuming now this could be delayed because of this? has anyone ever been in the same or similar situation that could shed some light? 

just an update of sorts my coplysocpy is tomorrow and I feel like espically more over the last couple of days I’ve been so anxious , unable to sleep much , shaking on and off am just so nervous :( any advice would be appreciated 

Deep breaths!

The colposcopy really isn't that bad. As for lletz it's a bit uncomfortable, but bearable.

I would imagine they'd wait with fertility treatment until youre follow up appt is clear. Treatment is very successful, so sure you'll be baby making soon.

Best of luck xx