High grade dyskariosis and worrying symptoms

Hi, wondering if anyone can shed some light on this or has had similar.. I am 25 and just had the results of my smear back which says I have high grade dyskariosis. I know this isn't too much to worry about alone- although I am anyway! But what is also concerning me is that since January, I have had repeated water infections which antibiotics are not getting rid of. The usual cystitis symptoms have recently changed to having an urgent need to wee- I can sometimes go up to once an hour. I am currently awaiitng an appointment to have ultra sound scans etc for this but in the meantime I have seen a cervical cancer awareness post on fb that says if you have these symptoms along with bloating and feeling full quickly (which I also have but put down to IBS) then it may be a sign of ovarian cancer. 

Now I am beside myself, keep crying and cant wait to call the hospital Monday for my colposcopy appointment. I don't know if I am 2 with 2 and getting 5 or I actually have something to be worried about :(





Oh hon,

I know how worrying it can be when you don't know what is wrong. I think you probably are addin 2 and 2 and getting 5, BUT no harm getting it all checked out. The wee issue has obviously been  a problem for a while, so at least now there will be some investigation done and hopefully you will be able to rule out more serious problems.

monday will be here quickly, you will sort an appointment , and then you are on the path to knowing. Try to stay positive and stay in the moment rather than thinking ahead. 

hugs, Molly xx

Thank you so much for replying. I think I am letting my mind run away with me. Thank you again :) xxx 

When I went for my first smear, I had been back and forth at the doctor's for flu-like symptoms that seemed to be lingering. I was about 9 months overdue for my first smear test, which I decided to book for the same day as a visit to my GP. I also had stomach pain, back pain, a little spotting and discharge. My smear didn't go well - I bled more than was normal, there was thick discharge and the nurse said she was referring me immediately to colposcopy because she saw "something suspicious".

I immediately married up all the symptoms I'd been experiencing and freaked out. My smear ended up being normal and the "something suspicious" was a cervical polyp which was tested and came back normal too. Turns out the antibiotics I'd been on for the flu-like symptoms had given me a yeast infection, but that was all. I know our symptoms aren't the same but just wanted to say that it's possible to tick all the serious symptoms boxes and end up being diagnosed with something totally benign.