High grade dyskariosis and loop biopsy

Hi I am new here so sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place!

It’s currently 9am here in the UK and I’ve been up all night worrying.

I was called up for my first smear test in December, and after having one 3-4 years ago after some irregular bleeding due to my pill (plus a trans-vaginal ultra sound and STI checks which were all clear); I was put through lots of tests then which all came back clear.

So, I wasn’t too worried when I had my smear aged 25. It came back as high grade dyskariosis (hope I’m spelling that right), and I had to have a loop biopsy done.

The whole thing was a bit of an ordeal, including the nurse’s assistant showing me the specimen of my cervix in a jar (which I HAD NOT asked to see). It was larger than I expected and it was not what I needed to see to be honest.

Anyway, I then developed an infection, I had little bleeding afterwards but ended up with a fever and pain and put on antibiotics.

I’ve had some minor spotting since (about 3 or 4 times, once after sex the other times not), but it freaked me out BIG TIME.

I saw a nurse who said they wouldn’t repeat smear so early as things need to settle down, but in her words “I was heading for something really nasty”. And that I also had HPV.

I was so confused as I never had HPV confirmed at all and I didn’t know how she knew this when I didn’t? (As I’m included in all letters to my GP).

She has since said that she may have just presumed this as nothing in my notes says I have HPV.

I am so confused by this all. I had my follow up smear (6 months after treatment) last week and although the colposcopy clinic said they were confident they’d gotten all the pre-cancerous cells; I’m just terrified.

Does anyone know the chance of me having another irregular smear test? Or how they know/ if they tell you that you have HPV.

I’m so concerned and confused and this latest smear was more uncomfortable than last time.

I’m so worried.

The nurse said I was on my way to something nasty, I can’t get her words out of my head and I don’t know if I’ve done something wrong?

I was 4 weeks late in my call up to get tested when I turned 25 as it was over Christmas and now I’m terrified I’ve paved my own path to the “something nasty”.

Any help or advice would be so appreciated.

So sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong place.


Hello laura, sorry to hear the stress and worry you're going through. I can't believe some of the things people say, to say you're heading for something nasty, jeez talk about put the fear of God into someone.  I know when going through things like this we analyze every word, every facial expression but I don't know why she's saying that, if they said they're confident all pre cancerous cells were removed then the odds are hugely in your favour that you'll be just fine now. Normally these cell changes are caused by hpv however most people clear this virus with their own immune system so you may no longer have it but just do all you can to look after your immune system with healthy diet, no smoking etc and im sure youll be fine. I know lots of people who had the one lletz years ago and have had no issues since. As for the spotting I would mention this to your doctor but it could just be scar tissue or something from having part of your cervix removed and it can take a long time to fully settle. Hope you get your result through soon to hopefully put your mind at rest, you could try calling to chase your result x

Thank you for being so kind.

I feel so confused as to what is happening because I've had spotting before on my pill...

I guess I just have to wait? I'm just im so worried and I guess that's all on me.

Thank you for responding to me, xxx

Hi I hope I am posting on the right section I am just after some help and advise.

I am nearly 28 and in April I went to the Dr's after a couple of irregular bleeds (which I haven't had since) and bleeding after sex. The Dr thought it was erosion of the cervix and to see how it went. The bleeding after sex continued so I went back and she referred me to a gynaecologist. At my consultation the gynaecologist also thought it was this but said she would also do a smear as I would soon be due my second one anyway. And that I would probably just need the cells cauterising to stop the bleeds and she would send me for a scan to check for polyps.

A week later I went for my scan and all was fine. Last week I got a letter for a colopscopy appointment even though I had never had the results of my smear sent to me. I went for my appointment and the Dr told me I had severe abnormal cells changes on my smear. I was in complete shock and the first thing I thought of was cancer. She told me she could do the treatment there and then so I agreed and she took away the cells and cauterised the area.

I was really upset during the whole appointment more out of shock. The Dr told me that she was 99% sure it wasn't cancer as it didn't look like it which should reassure me, but all I can think is that I have had the bleeding which is common symptom of cervical cancer and that the Dr is going to be wrong.

Any reassurance and advice would really be appreciated.

Thanks Kay