high grade D

hi everyone, my names adele, and i turned 25 in march. i had my cervical screening test about 1 and half week ago if that, this morning i received a letter saying it was abnormal and is high grade. 

i am absolutely bricking it. i suffer from 'gad' (general anxiety disorder) and i worry about the smallest things, and now i am petrified.


i bled when i had the smear, and my lymphnodes in various places have been slightly enlarged for over a year now.

im so scared :( i have noone i can talk to about my worries apart from my boyfriend who just says ''ull be fine''.


Hiya, please don't use google it's the worst thing to do, you've came to the right place and many ladies myself

included have been through this, firstly high grade is called CIN3 they'll invite you for a colposcopy which is a posher version of a smear in my opinion :)

theyll add solution to your cervix this is not painful in any way they'll take biopsies again this is not painful it's uncomfortable at worst, I was shaking like a leaf and couldn't relax at one point I was so tense I pushed the speculum back out gross I know! then you can have treatment which is usually Lletz sounds way worse then what it actually is, I can't speak from wxperiance of having this under a local as I had mine under a general last week but from what iv read on here most ladies dont feel any pain, my husband was the same kept telling me everything was going to be on it drove me nuts, unless someone has been trough this they can't know how it feels no matter how you try to explain it to them

you will find lots of support and help on this site zxx

Sorry forgot to put in there CIN is not cancer it's pre cancerous cells there are three versions of CIN

CIN1 needs to treatment and usually take a watch and wait approach.

CIN2 may need treatment 

CIN3 without a doubt must be treated. 

Hi i had my 1st smer just before my 25th birthday. 7 days later i got my results through saying i had high grade dyskaryosis, i was devestated the first thing i thought was im going to get cancer. I did the worst thing and googled which got me into a state! Luckily i came across this site and things were put into persepctive for me. I receieved my colposcopy appointment which was 10 days after my smear. I recieved my appointment letter 1/2 a day before my actual appointment which for me was great as i didnt have to stress about the actual appointment for too long. The dreaded day came and i was a bag of nerves! I was called into the nurses room who sat me down and explained my smear results. She stated that because my smear showed severe changes if she agreed through the colposcopy she would do the treatment there and then. I was asked to take my bottoms off and put a lovely hospital gown on lol. They asked me to sit in the chair and started to check my cerix. This took 5 minutes max! She told me that my cell changes were severe and double checked she was ok to do the treatment. They stuck a pad on my leg to stop me getting a shock from the lletz. I was injected with LA which made my heart race for about a minute and made my legs shake a bit through out the procedure. I had 5 injections in total it wasnt unbareable but nor was it pleasant to have. I didnt feel a thing after the local and the procedure was over in minutes. I have suffered with period pain cramps and also severe bloating. (i always bloat if im prodded) other than that i am absolutley fine :) now waiting for my results. Good luck  i am sure everything will be ok. Xx

Thanks ladies. It's so scary and yes I know now I shouldn't have Googled it! I just always think that the worst possible is going to happen. The smear test hurt me so definitely dreading the colposcopy. Fingers crossed everything will be ok. I worry I have something wrong with me when I have a cold, so this is driving me potty already xxx

Hi Adele

Firstly, you have come to the right place! Lots of lovely ladies on here who’ve all been through the same thing! I’ve felt that there aren’t many people in my life who I can talk to about this, so this site has been wonderful.

Yes, it is a scary time. Since I first received my letter inviting me for a colposcopy a year and a half ago, this thing has caused me a lot of anxiety and fear. I had CIN2 removed by LLETZ but as I’m apparently still HPV positive, I’m still on six month checks. I’m aware I’m one of the lucky ones, but I still wish that I was back to ‘normal’ – whatever that is!

There are quite a few ladies on here who suffer from severe anxiety, who should be able to give you some good advice on coping.

What I would say is please don’t worry about the colposcopy – or try not to anyway. I have always found the colp to be better than the smear. Firstly, you are made more comfortable – at my GP’s surgery, it all feels a bit cramped! Secondly, I find the colp staff to be more professional and better at reassuring you and putting you at ease. They’re less likely to bludgeon about trying to find your cervix  - ‘your cervix is being shy’ as the nurse commented to me at my smear yesterday – umm yeah, I don’t blame it, it’s been seen by that many people!

You’re put in a really comfy chair and there’s a nurse there to reassure you while it’s all going on. In my experience, you have a little chat with the colposcopist first, so you get the chance to explain any fears or questions you have.

As for bleeding at the smear; well, for the first time ever, at my last check-up smear last month, I bled. The nurse didn’t want to submit a sample as it would come back spoiled, so she asked me to come back. Went back yesterday – obviously terrified – and although I bled a bit again, she managed to take a sample which (fingers crossed) should do. Strangely, I’m a bit calmer about as I’ve been reassured that bleeding at your smear is very common. So I hope that helps a bit to know that. Quite a few women on here talk about experiencing pain/bleeding at their smear and yet they don’t have cancer.

As for the anxiety – it sounds like you are facing a real struggle there and my heart goes out to you. I am naturally anxious, and all this has made me query every lump or bump that appears. I’m better now than I was – much better – at one point I was verging on anxiety attacks and lost weight (bonus, except I was convinced it was because I had cancer!). But the worst time was definitely between my first smear and colp. I live in Scotland and they give you no info beyond you’ve had an abnormal smear, so I didn’t have a clue what I was facing. Once I had my colp then LLETZ, I felt I could deal with it all. It’s the fear of the worst case scenario that is so crippling. Honestly, the actual procedure was fine for me. No pain, over super quickly – I’ve had far worse times at the dentist. You’ll read stories from some amazing ladies on here who’ve been diagnosed with cancer, who express relief at having their operation booked – because they know what is going to happen and how they can fight it.

Of course, everyone’s experience is different. But I just wanted to try and give you some reassurance based on my experiences. For me, I’m trying my hardest not to let this dominate my life. If my results come back and I’m still HPV positive, or there are further changes, I need to be able to deal with that and not let it send me into a tailspin again. Let’s face it, until the HPV buggers off I’m going to have to be back on that nurse’s couch every six months, and I just refuse to live my life in six month blocks! Words that are easier said than done I know.

Anyway, good luck and keep posting here – it is so helpful.



I had the same smear results in Jan. and had them removed a few weeks ago.  Just remember, they've caught it BEFORE it has turned into anything else!  Just remember that worrying can cause more bad health.  I personally felt a lot better after they did the colposcopy, because then you know that they are in the process of getting rid of them, or whatever they choose to do.   

Thanks everyone. I couldn't sleep last night ended up having to take sleeping pills and crying myself to sleep :( im so worried. Just praying everything will be alright xxx

Hi Adele hunny,

I too had the same results as you and have had the colposcopy which showed inflamations only but went on to have a loop biopsy -

I talk about it over on my YouTube Channel if you want to watch it might give you an idea of what to expect


Hi, I have felt different today, it's not the colposcopy im scared of. I'm terrified of hearing that dreaded C word! I lost my dad and my aunty to cancer, and Im finding this hard already. Keep getting upset all the time :( xxx

Hi I was totally the same my family seem to be cursed with the horrid 'C' word and i got myself into such a state i spent most of my time stressing for 4 weeks (my wait from results to coloscopy) and this was over the xmas holidays trying to put a happy face on for my kids was really hard! To be honest it was a relief when the day came for my coloscopy as i would get some answers! All my bf would say was 'u'll be fine - stop stressing'. I found doing things like quizzes, puzzles etc on my tablet took my mind off it the most. Most imortantly dont google it makes you get into more of a panic your on the right page here! hope everything goes ok for u! x

Thanks hun. Feel really crap today :( had to drag myself out of bed. So fed up. I have my colposcopy tomorrow. Xxx