High Grade CIN2 & CIN3


So today i got a letter stating I have high grade CIN2 & 3. Had a punch biopsy on 21.06.17 and now have appointment to discuss LLETZ on 18.07.17

Letter says to call and rearrange if I have holiday booked within 4 weeks of appointment date. I have and I'm stressing about it. I tried calling and couldn't get through so will try again tomorrow but I don't know what to do.

I am so worried about the whole thing. Does it mean if I do the treatment it gets removed or is it checked again?

The fact letter says ring to rearrange if have holiday booked is that because it can wait? Going on holiday on 5.8.17 do I still go? Do I have treatment and cancel hpliday? anyone know why holiday can affect? 

Sorry if I sound silly but my eldest is so excited and didn't want to ruin it for her but worried it will be postponed.


Thanks xx


The reason for the holiday part is because you can't go swimming or use tampax for 4weeks so you'd be stuck at side of the pool as they asked me this when I went for LLETZ also. Try not to worry my lovely.

Sam x


I had CIN 2. I had my lletz procedure on 4th of July. You will have to have a treatment as cin 2 & 3 won't dissappear it can only get worst. Only with cin 1 they do wait and see approach. 

I know it is stresful. And I know it's horrible news before the holidays, but if I were you I would go on holidays and make appointment for lletz after. It will  not get worst until this time. It takes a long time for this to progress. 

If you have any more questions feel free to ask