High Grade Cin nd Cgin

Hi all,

I am looking for some advice.

I had a smear test in July 2012 and results came back inadequate so had to wait til October to have a repeat smear the results of which were abnormal. I then had a colposcopy at the beginning of December and the dr told me he thought it was a very mild.change so sent off a biopsy to be sure. The results came back and confirmed cin3 so I had a loop cone biopsy on the 28th January which took almost an hour and was horrendous. Now I have received a letter sayin tht high grade cin and cgin were incompletely excised so they r takin my case to an MDT meeting to decide what happens next.

I am so confused and very concerned any help would be greatly appreciated xx


First of all, I want to reassure you that your case going to MDT doesn't mean that there is anything more sinister going on - MDTs deal with cases of CIN and CGIN these days as well, it is national protocol in cancer prevention. Obviously in the procedure that you've had they expected to completely remove the CIN3 from your cervix. Unfortunately they have not been able to do this, and they are now aware - because of the results - that you probably still have some CIN and/or CGIN in your cervix and that the loop cone didn't 'catch' everything. It's gone to MDT so they can discuss what the best course of action is next and they do this these days to ensure the right decision is made - it's really important that it's discussed amongst a panel of experts, rather than just having one person making the decision on his/her own. They will look at things like, what is the likely outcome if they do nothing and monitor it for six months, what is the viability/possible effectiveness of doing another loop in a few months, what are the other options - things like that - so that they can assess what the best decision is in terms of keeping you safe. 

Have they said when you can expect to hear from them?

Annabel. x


Hi Annabel

Thats good to hear thanks.

I called today to find out when the nxt MDT is n they said it is next Tuesday (12th) n that I could call on Wednesday but I will most likely just have to wait for another letter.


Ok, well, keep yourself busy in the meantime and keep us updated. :-) 

Annabel. x