High grade CIN expected at least...what could be next?


    I had my colposcopy just over a week ago after it was discovered that i had high risk hpv and 'borderline changes' it said. Just had another letter from the consultant sayig that he expects the results to be at least high CIN now!!, i have been feeling quite shocked and very upset today. I have already got depression....now i feel flat on the floor Cry, what is likely to happen next?. They did mention me returning for treatment or an operation but they were very vague. Just waiting for the biopsy results now. I have also stopped smoking. All of this stress and i feel so worried, then other days i am more positive. I know that nobody has the answers but some advice and support would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi angel tears 

I high grade cin3 on my biopsy results I ended up having a a op called lletz I was in such a state and had my head thinking all kinds I had it under ga a couple of days with period like pains but not that bad I needed pain killers tho they did send me home with some but never took them I really am a wimp so was shocked that I did not i got myself all worked up was really wanting to run while waiting to go down.

i thought that my journey here would be done they get it all waited nearly four weeks fir my results they said I still had the cin plus high grade cgin I got to wait for a mdt meeting to see what they are going to do with me but I went to my docs and she could not stress enough that I do not have cancer and that's what I have to keep telling myself.

the cin is very treatable and got a very high success rate no point me telling you not worry because you will we are humans it's what we do but I assure you if they give you this op it is much less than you will imagine please try and stay focused that they got this early and it's easy treated pls keep me informed hugs xxxx

Thanks for your reply Smile it's nice to not feel so alone. The stress at home is really bad right now....my partner can't cope with whats going on and it's doing my head in!!!. I hope that you can get sorted soon too. I will look out for you xxx

Men just don't get it and to be honest I found most people in general don't get it and how worrying it is unless they been through it them selves I felt so alone but joining this group as helped me so much I nearly split with my fella over it all so I understand what you are going through I just had to come to terms that I was not going to get the support from him witch hurts as your partner is supposed to be the one person that helps please try n stay strong and if you ever need to get things of your chest pls feel free to rant at me big hugs xxxx

Thanks hun, same goes for you Smile I have tried talking to my partner again and he has admitted to me that he doesn't know how to cope with it and he doesn't know what he can do to help. I told him that i just need him to be there for me and support me. It has been calmer today, no arguments so far but i do understand what you are saying about men. He worries even more than i do.....he worries that i am going to die!!!. I have told him that nobody has even mentioned me dying and i need positive support. He is going way overboard on that one but i also feel sorry for him, he is very upset and worried.

Thanks for listening to me, it helps a lot. Today i am feeling like ''why me?''. It has all changed so much since i first went to see the dr. It has gotten worse by far.......i just don't know what to expect next. I wish they would hurry up with my results. It's only been 10 days since my colposcopy and i have had enough. I keep distracting myself but i am running out of things to do!!!!.