High grade changes

Had my smear done Feb 2019 and referred to colp with low grade changes. Had a punch biopsy done and they referred me for a smear 12 months time.

Had that done in March 2020 and the results have come back high grade changes today, booked the colp for 2 days time. 

I was so anxious at the time they repeatedly told me low grade usually go away themselves and not to worry and now this has happened. I'm anxious and scared and just needed a rant. 

I'm expecting a loop biopsy because of the high grade changes and I'm so anxious I feel sick and I'm shaking. I cant help but feel like I've gone in a huge circle and its worsened  and I'm so scared about what to expect. 


So sorry you're going through this. 
I'm the same as you. 
I had low grade changes last year and now I have high grade. My colposcopy is tomorrow morning. 
Thinking of you 


Good luck!

Are you expecting a loop biopsy? I am so fearful of it, my last biopsy was very unpleasant and much less invasive but as it's now high grade I'm assuming this is what they will do.