High grade changes. Worried sick

Back in 2014 I had an abnormal smear which reported low grade changes so I was referred to the colposcopy clinic where I was seen but no action taken other than to see me again in a year.

At the start of November I was seen again at the clinic. The nurse said she couldn’t see anything untoward but they did a smear as a matter of course and said I would need to wait for the results. Today I have got a letter dated 13/11 saying the smear showed high level changes and I have to go to the colposcopy clinic for another examination on Tuesday and I should take a urine sample to this one.

I am utterly petrified. I have cried since I got the letter and have really worked myself up. Does anyone know what I should expect?

Hi Louise

It's such a shock when you get that letter, isn't it? Your reaction is pretty normal - I also worked myself up into a state and I am sure a lot of the other ladies on here were exactly the same.

So you presumably had a colposcopy the first time around, in 2014? That's what they will do again. They may take biopsies to confirm the result from the smear. Depending on how they do things at your clinic, if they are pretty sure it's CIN3/high grade changes, they might treat the cells during the same appointment. This involves removing the affected cells using a hot wire - this is the LLETZ treatment that you hear so much about. It only takes about 5 mins and for most people is completely painless.

You might want to read some of the posts from ladies who describe their colposcopies and LLETZ treatments, just to get familiar with what is likely to happen next. I personally felt more in control and less frantic once I knew what it was all about, and what they were likely to do to me!

Deep breath, hun, you will be OK. Hopefully they will quickly remove any dodgy cells and you can get back to normal

Take care x x

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

The first colposcopy was following the borderline changes smear back in November 2014. I had my yearly follow up on the 2nd November and the nurse doing the procedure said she couldn't see anything of concern but did a smear as routine. This smear has come back with high level changes.

my friends sister works in the Gynae hospital and so she went round to speak to the nurse who did my procedure to see what she could find out and she called me and did her best to reassure me but what's got me frantic now is the fact the nurse said its unusual for them to not be able to see anything then a a smear to pick up high grade changes. I've left a message for the nurse to call me back as she said to my friends sister that she would do that but I suspect it will be tomorrow now. 

ive been advised it's likely there will be the loop biopsy but if they couldn't see anything on the colposcopy how are they going to know where to take the cells from?

I'm so scared. My partner and I have been considering having a baby and as i am 35 already I've been thinking time isn't on my side but then this has cropped up too :-(

Hi again

It's possible that your cell changes could be CGIN, which is found further up the cervical canal - these would be less visible at the colposcopy examination and might explain why the nurse couldnt see anything. They will find a way of identifying what they need to remove, don't worry! When you go for your loop treatment, they will do another colposcopy anyway, in order to highlight the problem areas before treating them.

Plenty of people have had LLETZ/loop treatment and gone on to have children without any problems. A good friend of mine had a cone biopsy (a bit more drastic than LLETZ) and had no problem conceiving and delivering two big bouncy baby boys :-) Getting rid of abnormal cells is usually dealt with quite quickly and shouldn't interrupt your baby plans too much

Good luck