High Grade CGIN

Hi Ladies,

Is anyone in a similar situation to me?

When I first heard that I had High Grade CGIN, I immediately feared the worst..I started going 'Google Crazy' and made myself totally ill with worry. I got to the stage that I couldn't sleep and when I did sleep, I was having nightmares and waking up sweating and shaking. Having suffered from back pain for years, I was even more convinced that I was dreadfully ill. Lesson learned: Do not Google! Stick to Jo's Trust for reliable information.

My story so far...

In 2004, I began experiencing heavy bleeding after intercourse. I had a Colposcopy and was diagnosed with CIN2/3..I have had clear smears hence forth.

Fast forward to August 2012.. I have a healthy sexual relationship with my husband and noticed slight discomfort during intercourse which seemed odd. (no discharge or bleeding). I went to my GP and asked for an early smear due to my past history but was declined. After waiting 2 (long) months I was eventully seen and sadly had result was H/Grade CGIN. I was referred for Colposcopy and had Loop excision and Top hat. Thankfully CGIN was completely excised and had clear margins. I was told to wait (a very looong) 6 months for repeat Colposcopy, Smear and Endocervical Brush to ensure cells were not further up however due to past ops my Cervix has become Stenosed (shortened and closed, this can occur after previous treatments)and although my smear has come back clear, Docs are unable to monitor me safely in future due to Stenosed Cervix..

Therefore, after a lot of thought, I have made the (big) decision to have a Hysterectomy (18 July 2013). I will be having Keyhole Surgery and my Ovaries will be in tact to deter early Menopause I think it's the best thing for me personally as I'm 39 years old and don't want to worry about smears in future.

Huge thanks to all the brave ladies in here sharing stories. I've been wanting to post on here for a while but im not really computer savvy..lol!

Sending you all positive thoughts and well wishes.

Shaz. xx


Welcome Shaz. Sorry that you have ended up in this situation, but best of luck with it all.

Do try to take some time off and have some fun before your op if you can :)


Thank you for the lovely welcome Rosehip,

I am doing all I can to stay positive..the old mind keeps reverting back to the 'what if's'.. (what if they find anything during hysterectomy?? What if they missed something??) but I keep giving myself a good telling off.I am experiencing major back hip and groin pains and it keeps playing on my mind. Although the rational side of me knows that it probably isn't connected..again, having to tell myself off!

I did have a Pelvic MRI for Spinal/back pain just prior to the CGIN being detected so if anything major was there it would have surely shown up on that?? The Spinal Doc referred the MRI to Gynae and the only thing that was mentioned was a 3cm Cyst on my left Ovary which they assumed to be normal for a woman of my age during Ovulation. They recommended a  Pelvic Ultrasound as a safeguard before Hysterctomy which I had done and all appeared normal with no mention of Cyst.

I see you also had a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy..I would greatly receive any tips for before/after the op if you have any.

Thanks again for the kind words.