High grade CGIN?

Hi there, well that is good news at least that they don't want to treat you - perhaps suggests that they got everything - but definitely check by phoning. I don't understand why the letters aren't more informative!

I also got some good news today...my MDT meeting was held early this morning and they looked at the slides and checked everything and confirmed that the CGIN and CIN3 were removed with clear margins. So i go back for a colposcopy and brush smear in 6 months and they'll do an HPV test too to see if I have a high strain. If everything looks good in the smear and I have no HPV they will put we on yearly smears (i think with my doc). She said if I have a high risk strain of HPV, but all is clear with abnormalities I'll go back every six months until I have enough clear smears to go to yearly and then eventually 3 years.... They were really helpful and informative and said I should be relieved, but they can't guarantee it will never come back nor that I won't need treatment again but c'est la vie! 

Fingers crossed for everyone else getting good news

Lou x

That's great news Lou - very pleased for you! :)

S x


just found this thread. According to my smear they have found cGin just wondering what your experiences have been like as im due for my coloscopy on Monday? have very mixed feelings and really trying to be positive but so little information on CGIN.