High grade CGIN & Stage 1A1 removed



I posted a few weeks back on here about the Colposcopy I had with Lletz treatment. It’ll have been 4(worrying) weeks on Thursday since I had it.


Got a phone call last Thursday from the hospital, asked to come in that morning, so naturally I PANICKED!!!


Turns out, I had severe CGIN & also stage 1A1….but this has thankfully been removed!! Quite a shock to hear this though and still trying to get my head around it. It scares me that if I were in England this cancer would have had another year and more to develop before I even had my first smear, this is shocking. :(


Ive to go back in 6 months for routine Colposcopy, the Lovely nurse said that she would give me more laser if it would put my mind at ease, but she would rather not do it because of my age and having no children. I’ll just wait it out and keep my fingers crossed!


She also told me, that when I am getting life insurance, mortgage applications etc I will need to declare this on them, does anyone know if this goes for travel insurance aswell as she never mentioned that?




Thinking of all the ladies going through this, its such a horrible worrying time xxx

Hi Jane, I havent got any advice about the travel insurance sorry, maybe if you do need to get some you should call the company rather than buy it online? They may be able to advise you.

I also have CGIN, got my colopscopy tomorrow and am so scared the C word is also going to come up. Yours is a postive story that it was removed with the lletz, i bet you are so relieved! I hope mine is treatable too. x


Hi Jane

Yes, you will need to tell the travel insurance people. However, you do not have to include pre-existing conditions. They will offer you a ridiculously high premium to include it but with most of them you can tell them you are a happy with an exclusion on and they will not increase your premium.


Hope this helps.


Erika x

Hi Ladies,


Thankyou for the replies! I hope your colopscopy isnt too bad for you today PrincessE! Let us know how it goes, it was a massive relief to find out it was all gone, and hopefully it doesnt come back!


Thanks Erika, I will look into it, I tried to get life insurance yesterday but I have to wait a year semingly....weird.. but I will just hassle them in a year again:)


Hugs xxx



I booked a holiday after my LLETZ and hadn't declared it to the travel insurance that i had a smear and colposcopy etc. I got diagnosed with CC about 10 days after I booked and was advised I could still go on hols, following surgery my surgeon then suggested it by postponed due to some complications. The travel insurance company refused to pay back at first as they argued that smear, colposcopy and lletz was pre-existing cancer?!!! I fought this as I wasn't diagnosed at the time of booking the holiday and they returned my deposit eventually! Do tell them about your treatment so far just in case... premiums will go up but at least there will be less loop holes for you to catapult through :)\

P.S Good Luck PrincessE - It turned out after my RH that they had removed all of my cancer in the LLETZ treatment, it is really effective! xx

Hi C, thanks for your reply! Insurance companies are a right pain sometimes! I will be sure to let them know though, thanks for the advice! xxx

c.may22 - can i ask why they did a RH? Was it because they didn't think they had got it all in the Lletz? Did they give you an option?xx