high grade cgin,SMILE, full hysterectomy

HI ladies well I finally went to clinic today to discuss my results in more depth after mdt meeting and further treatment histology was high grade cgin and smile no cin, which I’m so relieved no cc was found but still Dodgy cells lurking higher up ,due to me having four children and my tubes tied the consultant has offered me a hysterectomy Inc my cervix and ovaries in a way I’m relieved as this will be over and I can move on without the constant fear of the cells developing into cancer , I’m a bit shocked too but expected this outcome im just worried about the menopause any questions regarding the procedure I need to discuss with my consultant any advice would be appreciated many thanks x


Im going in 2 days to discuss what's happening next also. Possible hysterectomy also. Believe my nasty cells are higher up also. 

Keep us posted on how things go.. And any info is always appreciated! 


Good luck!! 

Hiya thank you for your reply I hope all goes well at your consultation 


All the best x

Had my appointment. Hysterectomy scheduled for Jan. 21. High grade cells back.

Oh Wendy I'm sorry your having to have the hysterectomy:( wishing you well with op xx

I'm guessing your called Wendy sorry head away with the fairies today