High Grade Cgin Pathology & Hysterectomy Pathology results!!

Hi all,

Just a quick update on my progress...

Last time I posted I was booked in for my Hysterectomy due to high grade Cgin with Stenosed Cervix. My previous Colposcopy biopsy had confirmed High grade Cgin which was completely excised, however, due to previous LLetz/cone biopsy my Cervix had become Stenosed and future smears would have been considered inadequate. Hence the reason for Hysterectomy.

My Total Laprascopic Hysterectomy was eventually carried out on 18th July 2013. I have since received the Hysterectomy Pathology results and was shocked to see that High Grade Cgin was still present in there..It was confined to one area 7mm from the outer edges. Thankfully it is NOW completely excised!! and no mailgnancies found. My consultant said that I have been VERY lucky.

I am counting my blessings and at the same time trying to get my head around all of this.

Next thing planned is Vault Smears. Anyone on here had any experience with these? Im due my first one in six months time and another in 18 months...then finished!!

Hugs to all you lovely ladies




Hi Shaz,

OMG, and they thought that there wouldn't be any suprises in there! You poor thing but at the same time you must be so relieved that you made the decision to go ahead with the hysterectomy! How are you finding it? Do you have to go on HRT? Sorry for the questions but I am pretty sure if I am given the option then I will go ahead with a hysterectomy too.

I am still waiting for the letter froom the consultant. Thank God I phoned because it is nearly 4 weeks now and I think that I would have been going out of my mind! I am starting to worry again as I am having some spotting and a little discharge. I know that they have said that there are no malignancies but I am worried why this is happening now. How long did it take after your LLETZ proccedure for things to get back to normal?


Thanks for your message of support on my thread. I really appreciate you taking the time out to reassure me and put my mind at ease. I am SOOOOOO glad that things have worked out for you especially as it musn't have been an easy option to have the hysterectomy.


Did you try posting in the newly diagnosed area? I read some peoples threads on their hysterectomy's. There was a really good one from a lady who had a hysterctomy 11 years ago and she posted to let people know that life gets back to normal and things that you promised you wouldn't get upset about, annoy you again etc. It was  a good post to read.


Hope you are getting on ok xxxx

Hi Helen00,

Lovely to hear from you.

Yes, It was shock when they told me that Cgin was STILL in there! They told me I had clear margins but this is the problem with skip lesions, it is so hard to detect. The cells were hidden right in the middle of my cervix and would have been very hard to find so I am so glad that I made the decision to have the Hysterectomy.

I had a Total Laprascopic Hysterectomy (keyhole/removed cervix and uterus and kept fallopian tubes and ovaries so no need for HRT)I have been recovering well from the surgery and it really isn't bad as long as you have some help for the first few weeks with lifting..like laundry etc. If anything it is really boring as you mainly just potter around the house doing boring stuff and watching loads of TV and puzzles etc.. no driving for the first few weeks drove me a bit potty but I just kept telling myself it wasnt going to be forever and now I am almost back to normality after 6 weeks. Slow and steady is the key I guess.

Regarding your question about Lletz, I had spotting for the first week but everyone is different and I was told that it can also make periods a bit wonky. Do you have a Colposcopy nurse that you can phone regarding any concerns? If so..give them a ring and tell them how you are feeling. Also this site has an 'Ask the Expert' section and they have proper Consultants that will get back to you..

No need to thank me for posting hun, I'ts my pleasure and am priveleged to have met some lovely ladies on this rocky road! Including yourself..

I haven't posted on the newly diagnosed thread as I thought it was only for ladies that had a CC diagnosis..I could be wrong there but I will certainly check it out.

I have also found another fabulous site that is for ladies that have had Hysterectomies (not only due to cancer...also endometriosis, polyps, pro-lapse etc) and it helped me prepare mentally and physically for the Op.

I hope the anxiety eases for you as I know how it affected me on a daily basis. Give me a shout any time you need to chat/vent and I wish you well with whatever decision you make. At the end of the day, it is your body and your choice. I will keep following your updates in the meantime.

Take care and best wishes,