High Grade CGIN and LLETZ procedure


Hi Ladies, 

Firstly i just want to say how happy i am i have found this site, it has provided so much support and comfort over these past months! :-) 

i have recently been told i have high grade cgin, and am disheartened at how little information i have since been given. I chose to google it, which was a bad move until i found this site!! I am just wondering if any of you could tell me a little more about the LLETZ procedure...i am booked in for it under GA on 2nd April and am petrified!! I have heard high grade cgin is hard to treat and i could need more than 1 procedure!? I have also seen the word hysterectomy thrown about alot which has scared me senseless!! Any info on ur experiences with cgin and lletz would be much appreciated :-) the wait is agonising and i'd love to be as prepared as possible for whats in store!!

so sorry to ramble on...i do this when im anxious!! 

Hi there,

            I had the Lletz procedure to treat CIN 3 under general anesthetic three days ago, so thought I could share some experience details!

I think situations vary from person to person and also the area you live in but the way the NHS do it in my area was to first carry out a pre-op over the phone with you about a week or two before you go in. Its just a load of questions about your health and related symptoms etc.

My appointment was first thing in the morning at 7am. There were four other women there for the morning slot too. The surgeon came round to talk us individualy and then the anethetist. The nurses came round to you one at a time too. Just to take blood pressure and things like that. By 9am the first person goes upstairs with the nurse, I was fourth on the list.

So you are taken to the room upstairs to be prep'd for surgery, the anethetist and nurses are there and they were lovely,.. saying to 'think about the beach' while they are administering the anesthetic (this was great because upon waking you feel like you had an amazing dream about the beach! And you wake feeling really relaxed and happy) Before you know it you are awake and with nurses on the recovery ward, talking about all kinds of silly things u said whilst still coming round properly. You are here briefly before being taken back downstairs to your ward (still on the bed)

A nurse comes over to check the pad inbetween your legs and you are also offered tea and toast. By this time it was around midday (I dont think I was upstairs for very long at all really prob an hour for prep, surgery and recovery all in all) I didnt have any pain after, but if you do you get offered tramadol for pain relief. I also found that the effects of the anesthetic afterwards, took away all my worries that I had before hand and made me very chatty which was lovely. 


Then its just a matter of waiting to be discharged by a nurse. She tells you all the dos and donts for the next 24 hrs and to let yourself heal properly for six weeks etc. I was out by 2pm. 

The area that was taken away by the Lletz is tested to see if it has clear margins, which means all the pre-cancerous cells as well as healthy cells can be seen on the sample to ensure they have got it all. It takes a few weeks for the results to come back and if there isn't clear margins, I will probably have to go another time to repeat the process. 

Hope this was helpful to you and good luck for April xxxx 

Also forgot to mention, when the nurse was discharging me from the hospital she gave me a discharge summary, which is a letter containing some info in medical terminology on their findings during the procedure and what action was taken to treat it. I found that reading it provided a bit more clarity about what went on during surgery. x

Thank you so much for ur teply and applogies for the delay in responding. it is reassuring to read about ur experience, it has put my mind at rest to a degree :-) how are u feeling following the LLETZ.?? I have heard u could bleed for up to 6 weeks Which concerns me somewhat!? Have u received any results yet..!? I hope all is well!!  Thanku once again for ur reply, it really is appreciated xxx