High grade cells shown on Colposcopy

Hi all,

My name is Meg, I turned 22 two weeks ago and i’m new to this group.


Last week I had a Colposcopy because I’ve been having problems with my cervix. In May when I was on holiday with my boyfriend I experience a lot of bleeding after sex, multiple times and would get the worst tummy cramps. I went to the doctors as soon as I was home, had an examination and was referred to see a gynaecologist and have an ultra sound to look inside. The ultra sound was clear, and when I saw the gynaecologist she could see some blood on the cervix, but after a long chat with her consaultant, she only referred me to have a Colposcopy as a ‘really over the top‘ precaution in her words. Whilst waiting for my appointment I was still having a lot of problems with sex, and even threw up after it once because the pain was too much.


I went for my Colposcopy 5 days ago, I ended up having a few biopsys and got really unexpected news that I have High Grade cell changes and the cancer word came in. 


I was already pretty traumatised with the colposcopy and then to hear that was a big ordeal. I know high grade changes doesn’t necessarily mean cancer, but I honestly can’t stop thinking of the worst. My anxiety has been through the roof. The consaultant at the Colposcopy said he has sent them off as urgent and I should get result in 2 weeks. 


i just can’t believe I’m 22 and having to worry about this. I’m just so relieved that I managed to get a Colposcopy and forced my self to go. If Anyone is able to shed any light I would be so grateful, im finding the whole situation very stressful. 

Hi Meg, I am in the same boat as you. I had my LEEP procedure yesterday under general anesthetic. All went well, now just playing the waiting game for results. Good luck for your procedure. 

Hi Lisa.Walker,

I'm really glad it all went well for you. How did you find the general? I've never had to have it before, but i'm sure it will be fine. Best of luck for your results, please keep us posted on here.

Meg x