High grade and hpv panic attacks

Hi I suffer from panic attacks for ten years and haven't had a smear for 13 years untill a few weeks back and has come back high grade and hpv I'm so scared I have cancer as I had pre cancerous cells 1997 but had a smear done 2001 and all ok but since my panic attacks I didn't get out but have got much better as my son had to have open heart op and that kicked me up the bum to get out ! I have been told that a local can cause my heart to race when injected ?!? 

I have just experienced a similar outcome to my smear test and I have pre-cancerous cells inside my Cervix. You will no doubt need to have a Colposcopy and according to the Consultant I saw yesterday even high grade abnormalities are a long way from Cancer. Let us know how you get on xx

Am worrid about the pain of it all to be honest have got apointment for 25th . My heart pounds with panic attacks as it is :( x

hi Panda i suffer with panic attacks too, when i spoke to my doctor she prescribed me some disapagne excuse the spelling, to relax me before and during the colposcopy. She told me to take 1 in the evening the day before, 1 in the morning of the day and 1 right before examination. since being told i have high grade i have been a wreck, i have two young children and i am seriously struggling with every day life, im trying to cope with it all its so hard waiting.

i wish you all the best for whatever happens next let us know how you get on. 

Hi first off your very brave compared to me I can't take tablets as I panic taking them lol is there any helping me ! my apointment is tomorrow tbh I'm a wreck my poor hubby and children have seen me cry so much x

hi how did u get on with ur appointment? was you ok? x

Hey :) wow what a week ok I got to the hospital and was a wreck ! I shook like mad thought I was going to pass out in the chair legs akimbo ! Biopsy hurt a bit more made me jump than anything they took 2 she said no cancer at all !! Thank god :) and she would rather I had LLetz under a general a !! Coz of how shakey I was ! I don't blame her coz I wouldn't do treatment on a patient like me ! Now I'm worrying over going under :( x

hi glad you managed to make it through the colposcopy mine is next wednesday 12th, by the sounds of it u were very nervous good job ur going under, i want to be put under too but i think i may try to cope and try to have treatment on the day. let us know how you get on with the lletz. x

I was shaking like mad lol 

good luck hun let us know how you go and I'm sure your much braver than me and you can have your treatment the same time x