high grade abnormalities

Hi all

Following a recent smear I recieved a letter on thursday to notify me that I had abnormalities. Have recieved an appointment for a colposcopy next tuesday. Today I have called the nurse at the clinic as totally freaking out, she told me I have high grade abnormalities and will definately need treatment.  I think the reason im freaking out so much is that for the past 6 months I have had awful menstrual problems with heavy painful bleeding during periods and spotting between. I am so worried about whats wrong, just wondering if anyone has been through anything similar???          Fay






Dear miss fm,

I swear your nurse must have gone to the same school as mine!!

Iits an incredibly worrying time. I'm in exactly the same position as you. I was told I have high grade changes and to prepare myself for at least a loop biopsy. The only advice I can give you my love is the same advice I keep trying to give myself. .. take it one day at a time,  it's okay to feel panicked and upset but don't let some bloody cells change the way you live life.  I can't do anything until the 8th October when my colposcopy is.

Sending you all the best and this site is a god send! ! Xxx

Hi nia42

Thanks for your reply. The waiting is definately the worst bit of this, hopefully things will be positive for us both. Xxx

Yes this is me too, my appointment is on Monday. Had to postpone in from the 1st September because of my holiday. Good luck for your appointment x

Hi Staceyb1986

Did you have you colposcopy today? Hope it all went well. X


Hi I did yes, bit of a faff in the end. I'm on immunosuppresants so they freaked out that I would need antibiotics. Eventually got hold of consultant who didn't think I did, but nurse wanted me too. Had examination, she felt she could only really see low grade so got smear test re looked at and they said most low grade with few high grade, so going back tomorrow for biopsies with antibiotics to take in the morning. They were really noce and explained every thing. Was a bit uncomfortable but not awful x

HI Nia42,

I have my colposcopy appointment tomorrow, is that still the same for you?xxx