High GradAnxious- Dyskaryosis (Severe)

Yesterday I had a call from the doctor to advise that HPV has been detected on my smear and subsequently High Grade Dyskaryosis (severe) changes have been found. I have an appointment at the hospital next Thursday for a colposcopy.

I am 41, and regretfully I have not had a smear for 13 years. I am so angry with myself.

I went to the doctors as I have been suffering with long and heavy periods. At the same time as having a smear test, I also had swabs and bloods. The swabs also located Bacterial Vaginosis and my bloods have shown I have low iron, alll hormonal tests have come back normal. When u has my smear I was in a lot of pain and the doctor said it seemed that I winced with pain every time she touched my cervix (although her said this could be to do with the BV)

I have no idea what to think at the moment, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat and this is all I can think about. My gut instinct is telling me something is wrong.

Husband keeps telling me to try and stay positive…but I just can’t pull myself out of this anxiety.