Hi everyone, I posted a few days ago but something went haywire with it and it linked to someone else's so here is take 2...fingers crossed!

I have been lurking in the background reading all of your stories for about a month now, I have crafted a few posts but never been brave enough to post them. I guess I feel like I am not allowed to be worried or upset as nothing is definite yet, maybe its a bit of denial still? 

So I am 24, no children. I had my first routine smear in Jan and was embarrassed about having it done but thought nothing else of it.  I bled a bit which the nurse said was cervical erosion and normal for someone on the pill...I had been bleeding during sex but embarrassingly put it down to a size compatibility (cringe!!)

Result came back high grade abnormalities and I had a colposcopy a week later. Everyone was lovely. The consultant took 3 biopsies but said I would need a general anaesthetic for the lletz as the area was difficult to treat. He described it as a halo abnormality and I could see the white ring all around the edge of my cervix. The op day came, I was a little apprehensive about it generally as expected but it was a pretty OK day considering.  On the day he started using the word tumour which suddenly had my attention....

He had hoped it would come back clear boarders and that would be me sorted but its come back mostly CIN 3 ( which I have read lots about on here, thank you) but with strands of cancerous cells running through it, no clear boarders. He is discussing my case at MDT meeting on April 8th and I know I just have to sit tight until then.  The positive thing is I feel totally cared for as an individual and that he is taking my future fertility seriously. 

I haven't been able to find much about a halo abnormality or strands of cancer within an abnormal area (he described it as stripy). I was wondering if anyone had any similar stories or ideas? I feel OK (though wish the bleeding would stop now) and know I can call the team to chat if I need to, just feels somewhat comforting to have my story out there too and see if anyone is similar? 

Thank you 

Hi Simmone,

Thanks for persisting with the post :-) I have to say that I have never heard of either 'halo' or 'stripey' abnormalities but, as you say, it sounds as though you are in very good hands. You seem to have a very positive outlook which is great. Fear doesn't achieve anything useful in these circumstances. I hope that someone else comes along soon who has had similar experiences but I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for joining us.

Be lucky ;-)



Hi Simmone, 

Sorry to hear your story but sounds like it was caught early. I had a situation that was not the same but a little similar. Whole cervix had a thin layer of cin3 and also cancerous cells. I too did not get clear margins with LLETZ under ga. I then spent 3 weeks thinking the worst..hysterectomy and losing fertility as I have no children.  Luckily they did another type of LLETZ, a cone biopsy which deals with a large  area of pre cancerous or cancerous cells. This did achieve clear margins.  

I hope this could be an option for you.

Best of luck


Hello… Hope you’re doing ok… I had exactly the same experience as you… I had lletz with local anaesthetic which mainly came back as CIN3 but with a few small patches of cancerous ones. My margins weren’t clear so I had an MRI which was clear then a radical trachelectomy and lymph node removal… This basically took away my cervix but has left me so I can still have children… That was back in July 2013, and I’ve just recently has my 18 month all clear.
Please send me a PM if you want to chat… I get lost in these threads sometimes :slight_smile: xxx

Hi Simmone, thank ou for sharing your story - you've come to the right place!

I had LLETZ treatment for the second time in Dec 2014 for CIN3, which turned out to be early (1a1) CC. Luckily my scans all came back clear and the LLETZ had clear margins so I was so happy. The waiting and not knowing was the worst, Once I got my results 5 days after my LLETZ, I had to wait 8 days for my scans. I rang crying after a day and the lovely nurse got me in 3 days later, which I was really grateful for, The waiting is the worst and I know how hard it is to let your mind run away with you but please don't and stay away from Google - it doesn't help matters!

LLETZ and cone biopsies have a really high success rate - hopefully the amount of ladies on here with early grade CC and having successful LLETZ/cone treatments on either first or second attempts speak volumes because there are a lot of us :-)

Best wishes and hope it all goes well. Keep us updates. Lucy xx

Thank you all! It is really reassuring to hear from you all and the successful treatments!

I will keep you all updated. Thank you again!!!