Hi everyone I'm Carla. I've just completed my treatment at colposcopy and although I'm relieved I'm scared too. What happens if the cancer comes back? I have no cervix left so im not sure what the next step is!

It's a horrible experience and I really hope it's not something ill ever to relive but I am so grateful that the staff and all the nurses have been understanding.

I cried today as I had to see a male doctor for the procedure (I wish there were more female doctors!) My nerves are shot and it's been hours since I got home, maybe I need someone to talk to or maybe ill wake up tomorrow and it'll be ok. 

At least there hasn't been a lot of blood and the pain isn't too bad but I'm worried about the results and what it could mean.



Hello Carla sorry you are feeling really rubbish.  I agree its a horrid thing to have to go through and I too wish their were more female doctors.  I'm not sure what treatments you have had but if there is no cervix left then no cells can return there.  Hope you feel better soon.  xx