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Hi All,

I haven't really come to terms as I was unexpectedly diagnosed on Friday. My smear 3 years ago was clear, this one had severe abnormal cells but the doctor removed them and I thought that was the end..... no I get told I actually have 1b1 cc and my smear 3 years ago must have been an error so they don't know how long it has been growing :( 

I am 28 and my and husband and I have not started our family yet so they are really hoping not to do a hysterectomy. 

I have a MRI tomorrow and will find out the results Friday, we however are due to go on our honeymoon on Monday. So let's keep everything crossed that this has not spread and we can still go! 

How are people's recovery time? 

Would be great to have some support 



Hi Tori, sorry to hear your news but welcome to the club that nobody chooses to be in! The ladies on here are very helpful and will answer your questions. Different stages have different outcomes, so yours is pretty early stages. I've recently had a hysterectomy, 6 weeks ago, and I'm recovering great! I've still got to have chemo/radio therapy as the cancer is in my lymph nodes too. I'm going on holiday in August, so I will start the rest of my treatment when I get back, I was determined not to cancel my holiday. had my PET scan today and will get results next week. My oncology team have said I will have treatment plan in place before I go away. So I'm going away to enjoy myself, forget about it, and then begin again. The hardest part is the waiting. You begin to imagine that the cancer has spread.....etc.

goodluck with your cancer journey xxxxx

Hi tori 

im sorry to hear about your cancer and I'm hoping you will be able to get through this without a hysterectomy. You should still be able to go on your honeymoon regardless of  spread or not as it really should not make any difference unless your honey moon is longer then 12 weeks. 

There are options open if you do have to have a hysterectomy such as harvesting eggs to use with a surrogate so please don't despair if worse case scenario comes along. 

Do stick around as we are a lovely bunch of ladies who know exactly what you are going through. 

Biggest hugs


Sorry to hear about your diganosis especially right before your honeymoon.

I was staged 1b1 and offered a trachelectomy which preserved my fertility and still means I should be able to carry a baby should I want one in the future. I hope they can offer you something similar.

Sending hugs. If you need any advice let me know x 

Thank you all for your support it really is appreciated! I had my MRI today and should be getting my results tomorrow.

How long did you stay in for your operations?



Hi tori, mine was a radical hysterectomy with both ovaries and lymph nodes removed. I had complications with blood pressure so was kept in for 4 days. The most common stay is about 2 nights.

hope this helps xxx

Hi Hun, so sorry to hear your news, im 33 and was diagnosed on the 5th may with stage 1a2, im booked in on tuesday for a hysterectomy. as someone else above has said, u can ask for a  Trachelectomy, please make sure you suggest it to your consultant as alot of doctors dont tell you about it! 

Hope you get good news from the scans which I'm sure you will, and please enjoy your honeymoon.


all the best 


Hi Debbie,

my consultant has been brilliant and has suggested this form of surgery first! He is really hoping I won't need anything more! But I will find out tomorrow! 

keep your fingers crossed! 


Thanks Kazza yes it does help :) xx

Hi tori!

I'm a 1b1 as well and my smear before this one was also clear! i  had a trachelectomy 2 weeks ago. They thought I was a 1b before my scans and the scan confirmed they were right. So try not to worry.

Was in hospital 2 nights, and I'm 2 weeks post op. Up and about but still bloated and swollen. Not back to work yet.

I had to wait about 6-7 weeks from scan results before I got the op. With lots of appointments/examinations before the actual op itself. You'll be fine. Ask your consultants lot of questions or come on here. Don't google....

Gill. X


glad hear your consultant auggested the trach. 

I was in for 2 nights after surgery. 

Fingers crossed for you.xx

Hi Tori,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Is always a bit sh*t to get that news. I was diagnosed in January at 1b1 and was also fortunate enough to have a trachelectomy at the end of January due to stage and the fact that I haven't had children so they were wanting to preserve fertility. I was in for one night after the op but they went in laprascopically so that might be why.

I found the forum a great place to ask questions and to generally come on and go 'is this normal?!!' and if you have any questions please just ask!


Hi All, 

so MRI came back positive and it looks like it hasn't spread so they are happy to go ahead with the trach And lymph node removal on the 10th fingers crossed for a quick recovery as I start my new job as a teacher just 3 and half weeks after my op (maybe ambitious) 

Thanks for all your support x

Hey Tori, 

I was in a similar situation with starting a new job 6 weeks post op. Are you getting yours done keyhole? I found the amount of time I had off suited me to start my new job, not sure I could have done it in less than 4 weeks thought. Mine was abdominal incision, and that was the hardest thing for me which I think made my recovery last longer due to having zero core strength!x

Hi Misstell,

Thanks for your info yes I'm ket hole, which I hope my speed up my recovery? I think my time slot is a little ambitious! :( 

hope you are doing well! 


Yes, I think most do keyhole now but not here unfortunately haha.

I think it definitely should speed up your recovery but from reading other people's posts you are normally urged to be just as careful as there will be a lot of internal healing going on!

All you can do is see how you feel and you could contact your new employer. You wouldn't even have to tell them what it is for but for example I just said I am having surgery and cannot drive for 4-6 weeks after so there was no way I could start my new job earlier as driving is the only option for me to get there. They were fine with it. You may get bored but I think if you take the time you need you will be glad as it does take a little adjusting to get back to normal everyday life especially if people at your new job aren't aware, you don't want to put too much pressure on yourself too soon! Just my advice but everyone is different :)