Hi I'm new to here just a quick question


hi ive recently been diagnosed with 1b2 adenocarcinoma,ive been booked in to have a radical hysterectomy. My MRI results was possitive there didn't seem to be any evidence that it had spread as the cancer is in my cervical canal.Ive been suffering pains while I'm sleeping in my arms , ive tried sleeping on my back so I'm not putting pressure on them . It's so horrendous that I feel that I've discolated it pain does go after about 10 mins . And sometimes I've even woke up with back pain , but never experienced this in the day . My husband has said it just the way I'm sleeping or just to get a new bed , This probabl hasnt anything to do with my illness, but would like to know if any one else as exsperienced this ? Thank you for taking time to read this x

Hi Lisa,

not quite the same but I'm convincing self everything is because of the cancer! I'v always had a cough since I was young and i started thinking it must have been because the cancer was on my lungs! I got a tummy bug the other week and again I thought it must be the cancer, and when I felt zonked for days after I assumed it was because the cancer was everywhere.  Even though I've been told it's not spread! Our minds are cruel! Now I feel fine and obviously feel a little silly. But you're not alone. Please don't worry. Maybe get yourself a new bed or mattress...?

Where are you having your surgery?


Hi gilly

its so strange isn't it . Thought I was going mad , I think I need to be treated to a new bed .im having my surgery in derby 

Hi gilly

what is a trachelectomy? You not had to have a hysterectomy x

Hi Lisa,

its where they remove just my cervix, and leave my womb. So in theory I can have more children. 



Hi gilly

have you had your treatment yet . And that's good as you still have that choice have you got any children ? 

Not yet, having lots of tests first. Scheduled for the end of June if It all goes ahead.

i have one little girl already and we'd been trying for a second but had had a couple of miscarriages.

i hope you don't have to wait to long for your treatment , let me know how you get on , sorry to hear about your miscarriages. How olds your little one . Mine are grown up still my babies though . A little easier for when I have my op . I'm always on the go I know it's going to kill me to rest xx

I have had lower back pain for years. I've been through many beds because of it. It is so bad some mornings that my husband has to rub it out before I can even move. I was officially diagnosed with cc Monday. Had a cone biopsy this morning, they found a 7cm tumor during the procedure. So I believe all these years of lower back pain has everything to do with it, of course that is my opinion.