hi im new and scared x

hiya my names nicola. I went to the gp in jan 2017 as I thought I had a bit of prolapse after having my 4th baby in nov 2015, she did an exam and said I only have a mild prolapse, then she said 'I don't want to worry you but id like to refer you for some tests as your cervix doesn't look as healthy as it should' (instant worry right there). so I had a few swabs taken for stds, infection etc.. the usual. all clear. then I was sent for an internal ultrasound scan to check my womb and ovaries which was all okay. now I have to go for a colposcopy and I'm terrified, I googled the symptoms of cervical cancer and I have every symptom. how could I not realise that? I'm really hoping I haven't got the dreaded c word and I cant stop thinking about this appointment. my family just tell me to worry when something bad happens but that's easy for them to say, just needed some support. sorry this was quite long xxx

Please don't worry, I have had all the symptoms for years but don't have it. It is possible, without it being fully formed cancer. Sending all the love!

thank you, that is reassuring to know xx

Try not to worry, I had an early smear (I'm 24) as I had symptoms of cervical cancer. Smear came back abnormal, colposcopy came back with high grade cin3 cells and i just had my LLETZ procedure done on the 6th march. 


They've got you on the radar now & you're in the best hands. Cervical cancer is one of the slowest to progress and can take tens of years. Try to stay positive, I know it's hard, I wish I could take my an advice at times. But it's being sorted now and you'll be fine xxxxx

Hello, I am new to all this too. I am having my first colposcopy soon and very nervous about it. I don't have a prolapse but I do have an ectropic cervix and it bled loads when I only had a smear. It is nerve-wracking but we have to keep telling ourselves that we have done the right thing by getting ourselves checked out and try not to worry until we know more! 

thanks for replying, my colposcopy got cancelled as my period started that day so they said i couldnt go, my appointment is friday 7th april so i still dont know anything yet, the waiting drives me insane xx