Hi...i'm new and prob worrying for nothing...


Im new to the site and was wondering if anyone could give me and advice/answers or generally stop me being a worrier  Smile 

I have had Cin 1 for 2 1/2 years, I had a check-up colposcopy 3 weeks ago and biopsies taken and have a letter asking me to go for Lletz on the 29th of April as my Cin has changed from 1 to 2 in 6 months and the biopsies showed abnormalities that may need treatment, I am a bit confused as to the biopsy result, does that mean it was Cin2 or is it something completely seperate from the smear result?

Also do they biopsy what they cut away? Sorry for so many questions!! I actually have a few more but dont want to seem a pain by asking lots.

Anyway thanks and hope somebody can help with the answers.


Hi there,

Please don't worry about asking lots of questions, this is a good place to come for support. It's understandable that all this is worrying, I think everyone feels the same.

Biopsies can show a different result to smear tests. The brush used in the smear test sweeps some cells from the cervix, whereas a biopsy is a piece of tissue that they cut away. Sot it gives them more to look at that then the few cells from a smear. The biopsy sample is then examined under the microscope, which is probably where they saw the CIN2. Although CIN1 can go back to normal, CIN2 is less likely to, so I think it's pretty standard that they would treat anyone with CIN2 with LLETZ. Most women treated by LLETZ never have any further problems.

Hope this helps, and take care x

Hi Twilight12 Thanks for the reply, I have another question which may sound a bit strange!which I finally googled last night and found mixed answers to...here goes as its a bit embarrassing :-\ but anonymous so I can cringe in private I seem to have a sort of sweet smelling smell to me down below, its not every day and not always all day but when its there its so strong to me that I think omg people must be aware of it but Ive asked my partner and he looked at me like I was mad...on googling it said some people with certain cancers give off a smell so its playing on my mind even more now. I just wondered whether you or anyone else had heard of this or if it happened to them. Sorry for a bit too much info. X

Hi Summerbreeze,

No need to be embarrassed, and as you say it's anonymous. I've never heard about cancer having a smell. I've known a few people who've had cancer and never noticed a smell with any of them.

But the really important thing to remember is that CIN is not cancer. It's when the cells are at a pre-cancerous stage, which means there is a possibility that if left they could go on to become cancer. This is why screening is so important.

If you're concerned about a discharge/smell you could see a GP. If there is a discharge it's usually something simple like an infection (ie thrush). The GP could take some swabs and check this for you. I always think it's better to check anything tht's causing worry, and better to speak a real-life doctor than to google. We all do it, but sometimes it causes more worry than it solves.

Hope this helps, take care x


I think Im getting myself in a state as Im an occasional smoker so am putting all sorts of scenarios into my head, I have no discharge with it just a strange smell but ive got a docs appointment for Friday now so we will see what she says. Thanks for replying again.X