Hi everyone..newly diognosed.

Hiya, Just thought I would start posting really (have been reading and lurking!) newly diognosed around 2 weeks ago in the new year (not the best way to kick start a new year!) I went to my regular doctor before xmas and she reffered me to hospital to have a biopsy, The doc I was referred to seems to think im around 1B1 but I wont have any real answers until I have my scan on Friday, it has been a very long two weeks but reading through this forum has helped you all seem very nice and helpful im glad this place is here!

I suppose I am starting to panic slightly now as its getting closer to the date, I just want to know what im in for so I can prepare for it , like most I imagine..

husband being very supportive through all this but I havent told anyone else as I want to know the answers to whats happening first before I tell people.

Hi and welcome I'm new to I'm also stage 1b1  I'm due a lapascopic hysterectomy soon and I just want it done the worst part is waiting this site has helped me lots and people are great with advice and tips u can inbox me if you need anyone to talk to I'm 32 how old are u x

Thanks for the welcome! you are right Lisa the waiting is so hard, only so much I can fill my days with without thinking about it! Im 30, married but no kiddies so bit of a blow for us but as I said husband being really supportive so thats good.


Can I join you ladies?? Im also newly diagnosed...had LLETZ under GA in December. I was told last week they found CC stage 1  but didnt give details. My consultant wanted to send me gor MRI first. Which I had on Monday.  Waiting is horrible. Im 28..married..no children.  Have either of uou got appointment dates??

Hi Folks!

It's not long since I was in your position. The waiting is so awful. Pinkglitter, I remember the week before my scan. I was a total basket case! Time will just pass and before you know it you'll be lying very still in a noisy MRI scanner thinking, "This is weird!". then, before you know it, they'll be confirming the stage and treatment plan and I bet you'll feel a lot calmer. I have to say I told absolutely everyone because I'm like that. My friends were great and made me feel very supported. I couldn't be normal around people because my mind was constantly thinking, "I can't believe I've actually got cancer!" Talking about what was happening next seemed to calm me down. And quite a few of my friends and colleagues booked smears they'd been putting off.

Anyway, welcome to the Stage 1 Club. No-one wants to be in it but let's just huddle together and help each other get through it. Actually, maybe I'm not allowed in the club any more as they think they've got rid of all the cancer! Hopefully, this will be all of you in a few weeks!! Sending hugs to you all!

Kirsty xx

Hi Michelle! you are welcome to join in! Im having my MRI at the end of the week, but I have been waiting 2 weeks for it they are trying to give me all the info on the same day it seems. when do you find the results of your MRI?

Hi Kirsty! its so weird you say that because I totally sit there and think "omg I got c bombed..!" but I try and just push it down ill tell family and a few friends when I know my treastment plan I think. you can stay in the club but promoted to the clear membership lol! great news that you are all clear xx

The closer I get to my scan the more real this is getting and its scary.

Hi ladies


Pinkglitter the MRI is fine really, just try your best to relax from the start. Im the same as you. I cant bring myself to tell my family until I know what the treatment plan is. Also they dont live in England which makes it harder. The MDT are meeting Monday to discuss my treatment so I will have an appointment with the consultant at some stage after that.

Kirsty we have spoken on here before about how cruel the waiting is!... I know I have CC but just need to know the stage and treatment so I can have something to focus on. Promotion to clear club sounds fantastic :)

Hoping to see you all on the Clear Club table very soon! 

Pinkglitter - love the "c-bombed" phrase!

K xx

Hi everyone 

I got diagnosed with Stage 1aCC today. All a bit rushed as been waiting for Lletz results for a month,  no letter then a phone call yesterday to call me in today. First thing I knew about it was the fact the receptionist wasn't sure who I was seeing and mentioned the dreaded word oncology. When I finally saw the consultant after 2 hr wait I was in a right tizz and when she said Cancer I just was overcome. 


Thanks for all the comments above have made me feel much less embarrassed about my reaction. Hysterectomy is next port of call. So off to see what they didn't tell me about that. 



Hello everyone,

I'm in the 'not telling people until you know exactly where you stand' club. I am also in the 'not in the same country as my family' club so the last thing you want to do in that situation is cause a panic. Of course the very second my treatment plan was announced my 80-year-old mum was on a plane like a shot! Imagine if it had been a false alarm!

When I had to announce my radical hysterectomy to the world, I told them it would involve the main dance floor, both cloakrooms plus a little bit of the entrance foyer. I told them that because I was already too aware of how wrong people can get it when they consult Doctor Google!

Be lucky


Thanks, Tivoli! You made me smile with the dance floor, cloakrooms,  entrance foyer thing. I'll remember that! :)

Kirsty xx

haha Thanks Tivoli I am loving the dancefloor cloakrooms ref too! brilliant might have to steal that one!

Sam good luck and I hope you dont have to do much more waiting, waiting a whole month must have felt like forever.

Thanks ladies am freaking out thinking I might change my treatment now back to lletz as I hadn't quite appreciated what a hysterectomy is so will be on to the nurses tomorrow to discuss xxx

Hi guys back from a lonnng day at the hospital, had my MRI (felt like a little burrito for a bit!) diagnosis of 1B2 and they are giving me chemo and radiotherapy in two weeks time. I finally told my parents bless them, they took it like troopers. I think waiting for these results had to be the hardest part, once you know you can get on with the treatment plan and kick cancers butt girls!

Hi Pinkglitter,

Glad that you now know where you stand, and were able to share with your parents.

I hope you have some nice things lined up before treatment starts. Some of the ladies have some great tips to cope with the side effects. Wishing you all the very very best.



Sending u lots of love pinkglitter xx 

Hi Pinkglitter

Glad you finally know whats happening. Im still waiting. Can I ask did the give you a choice of treatment or told you what you needed?

Hi Pinkglitter :-)

Fabulous! Little burrito! Crying with laughter! Great attitude, and your parents too. Well done!

Good luck with the chemo-rads, hang out here and let us know how you get along.

Thinking of you



Hi Pinkglitter!

What a great attitude! I wish you the very best with the chemo and radiotherapy. What you said about waiting being the hardest part and that when you know what the plan is you just want to kick some butt is great. Wishing you the very best with it all and sending you a huge hug!

Kirsty xx

Thanks girls! having you here is a really great support function, its good to be around people who are going through or have been through similar. <3

Michelle, they didnt give me an option as mine has spread a little bit now so there isnt any other options, how much longer do you have to wait? I hope not too much longer.