Hi again :)

Hi there, finally my computer has allowed me to post! Last time i posted here was way back last year when I had my first colposcopy coming up which had me worried...so a year on & here I am panicking & feeling worried yet again :( Last week I had my 3rd colposcopy & 2nd biopsy, the nurse sat me down & explained for the first time about my results over the 2 years since my first abnormal smear, which was borderline cell changes, my last 2 smears had shown medium & should my latest one show similar (which they are expecting) then they are offering me cryotherapy. I'm feeling a mixture of emotions at the moment, lucky that i have been under close monitoring over the last two years & that I have always made sure i get my smear & also scared & worried. I have tried talking to my husband about my feelings but he believes I have nothing to worry about. I guess I just need to chat to people in the same boat as me, im trying my best to keep my chin up & not thinks about the results, but it's hard with this lingering in the back of my mind! xx

P.S i'm quite worried after reading other posts that I know no real technical names for things such as cin1 etc!! If this is my 2nd biopsy & 3rd colposcopy surely something could have been done sooner rather than let it progress? Slightly confused now also!! :/